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Sep 08, 2015

3 Marketing Trends Worth the Hype -- and 1 That Falls Short

As marketers, we know that trends are often fleeting, and that buzz doesn't equal longevity. While this is true for consumer culture, this statement is equally true for marketers. When it comes to marketing trends, buzzwords gain so much traction that it becomes difficult to gauge the concept's true…

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Dec 12, 2014

Why Facebook's new tech is not actually new

Facebook made some waves this week with the introduction of their new Atlas feature, which in combination with their News Feed and internal database of user data, allows advertisers to track the…

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Nov 07, 2014

Checkmate: why marketers can't rely on intuition over data

Companies can't run effective online marketing campaigns via intuition any longer. In fact, they really shouldn't even run via a rules engine any longer. But hold that thought for a minute.

Slate Magazine recently ran a…

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Oct 09, 2014

11 ways Retention Science keep your customers spending

More online businesses are seeing proof that adding predictive analytics to customer data increases customer spending, and with good reason - according to a study by the Aberdeen Group, predictive…

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Sep 23, 2014

The Marketer's Guide to the 2014 Summit

We recently discussed the importance of trade shows, and for marketers in eCommerce and digital retail, the upcoming 2014 Summit READ MORE

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Aug 29, 2014

Smart ways to segment your customer data

Segmenting your customers into groups according to their interests, preferences, and behavior is a more precise way to send targeted and engaging communications that convert. According to the DMA's National Client Email Survey 2014, a 760% increase in email revenue came from segmented emails…

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Aug 27, 2014

How to build the perfect customer ... profile

How would you describe the perfect customer? To me, the ideal customer loves your product and sees the value in the goods or services you provide - and isn't shy about sharing that opinion with others. He or she is engaged with and responsive to your new products and offerings, and doesn't shop exclusively…

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Jul 24, 2014

3 key eCommerce metrics you don't want to neglect

In this age of technology and online shopping , online consumers generate and leave an avalanche of data in their tracks. Whether it's in the form of Social data - Facebook likes and comments, Twitter follows or Pinterest pins; Transactional data - product purchases and frequency or Behavioral data…

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