Personalize or Perish: A Guide to Advanced Email Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation Is the Key to 1:1 Personalization

Why would we title a guide on advanced segmentation, “Personalize or Perish?”

It’s because powerful factors are fueling the continuing evolution of email marketing technology and techniques, and the cost can be great for brands not keeping pace. Manual segmentation is resource-intensive. Marketing teams spend loads of time testing the effectiveness of various content and offers with their segments and the segmentation itself is error-prone because it is based on guesswork. Contrast this with advanced segmentation techniques, powered by customer data, predictive analytics and A.I., that can handle an abundance of segmentation conditions. Now marketers can achieve much greater results in terms of cost and time savings, better deliverability, and improved conversion rates and list growth rates.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • The nuts and bolts of advanced segmentation
  • How marketing technology has evolved
  • Key segmentations for ecommerce businesses
  • How to assess segmentation platforms
  • How apparel brand Draper James is winning with advanced segmentation

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