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AI-Supported Email Marketing is Your Secret Weapon

When talking about AI-supported email marketing, it’s important to start with a common understanding of artificial intelligence. AI encompasses different technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and other smart technologies. The key to AI is its ability to perform cognitive tasks as well as or better than humans.

Major market forces, new industry trends, shifts in consumer behavior, and changing competitive landscapes mean marketers need reliable insights and the ability to quickly adapt their marketing to address changes and sell more online. 

Ecommerce marketers know the landscape is fluid and always shifting, and some are employing artificial intelligence-enabled marketing automation solutions to become more agile, gain deeper insights, and manage their email marketing programs more strategically. 

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What Does That Mean for You, the Ecommerce Marketer?

Simply put, marketers can hand some of the manual and time-intensive data analysis, decision-making, and campaign optimization work over to their AI-enabled email marketing solution. That means eliminating the process of setting up rules and avoiding the need to manually create a series of email campaigns that may or may not prove effective.

An AI-enabled solution analyzes customer data and predicts the best timing, message choice, and product recommendations for every customer. It continues to learn from the data over time to adjust the predictions, and the insights it extracts help marketers improve their planning and performance. 

Ecommerce businesses are using AI in marketing today to optimize their various programs, boost customer engagement and loyalty, and drive more online sales. With Shopify at the top spot as the largest ecommerce-only platform in the world, many ecommerce marketers are looking at solutions that work seamlessly with it.

What Powers AI-Enabled Email and SMS Marketing?

Customer data is the fuel for AI-enabled marketing solutions, and the best platforms allow the centralization of data across Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and a whole range of e-commerce platforms including the CRM, website, and shipping, billing, POS, and advertising platforms.

Can It Help With Customer Segmentation? 

Traditional marketing views customers according to a defined and unchanging set of attributes while AI-enabled marketing views customers in real time, taking their changing behavior and preferences into account, and improving customer segmentation. 

The centralization and volume of customer data enable the AI-powered email marketing solution to make smart predictions and segment and market to your customers according to lifecycle stages, and according to criteria such as:

  • Abandoned cart status
  • Affinity for specific items – predicted product recommendations maximize engagement and return on each individual with segments based on the customer’s predicted affinity for a specific item.  
  • Likelihood to purchase – sending targeted, relevant messages such as stock liquidations and new product alerts.
  • Highest value 
  • At risk of leaving

Can AI-Enabled Email and SMS Marketing Improve Customer Retention? 

With customer acquisition costs so much greater than costs to drive repeat purchases, many marketers are focused on strategies and programs that support customer retention

Marketers can connect with their customers via AI-enabled SMS text messaging to encourage subscriptions to email newsletters, send post-purchase communications, and deliver event-specific notifications for things like last-minute sales or special promotions. 

AI-Driven Email Campaign Optimization

Leading AI-enabled email marketing solutions allow marketers to maintain control over campaigns while working more strategically. Depending on their needs, marketers might choose to allow the AI to self-optimize things like:

  • product recommendations
  • email templates
  • subject lines
  • dynamic incentives
  • send times, and 
  • send intervals

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time can be an exciting and profitable reality when meaningful, real-time customer data is married with the predictive power of an AI-enabled email marketing platform. 

Leading solutions offer easy-to-use tools for creating fully-customized campaigns as well as options for using artificial intelligence to automate campaign testing and optimization, empowering the marketer to drive results with less manual work.

AI-Driven Paid Social Optimization

Savvy marketers will leverage their AI-enabled email marketing solution to optimize their paid social campaigns as well. Using the platform’s predictions and segmentation tools they can create customer segments like predicted highest lifetime value customers to improve the quality of their leads from Facebook and Instagram ads. Beyond that, they can use segments to build lookalike audiences and find new leads with similarities to their top customers.

Support You Can Rely On

Top-notch support is the icing on the cake with any platform solution. The best AI-enabled email marketing providers deliver a tailored and high-quality onboarding program. Marketers should look for a provider that offers easy access to technical support when they need it, a dedicated client success manager, and ongoing business reviews to evaluate program performance and consult on marketing strategies.

We at Retention Science will continue to dive deeper into the data science of email marketing, and share our knowledge with marketers looking to bring their email marketing to the next level. Artificial Intelligence holds the key.


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