Attentive partners with ReSci – Personalized mobile messaging

Introducing our Attentive integration

We are excited to announce our integration with Attentive, a personalized mobile messaging platform for innovative e-commerce and retail brands.

Attentive helps marketers quickly make text messaging into a top revenue channel. Using real-time behavioral data, Attentive automatically sends personalized and engaging text messages to subscribers at every step of the customer lifecycle. 300+ brands rely on Attentive and see strong results, like 30%+ click-through rates and 25x+ ROI.

This integration is coming at an ideal time, as consumers continue to spend more time on their mobile devices than ever before. If you look back just 5 years ago, very few of the top online retailers were using text message marketing. Today, over 50% of the Internet Retailer 1000 are leveraging this channel to reach mobile shoppers in a new way and drive revenue.

Our Attentive integration allows you to create users in ReSci collected from Attentive’s mobile messaging subscriber acquisition forms. This enables ReSci customers to add even more layers of intelligence and to learn more about your mobile messaging subscribers.

We’re looking forward to growing our partnership with Attentive, and continuing to move forward with our plans for extending our capabilities.

Integration Information

For information on how to set up the integration visit our help desk article for Attentive. Visit Attentive’s website for more information.


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