Join Our CTO at Big Data Day LA on Aug 5 at USC

WHEN: Saturday, August 5th, 2017
WHERE: University Of Southern California

Big Data Day LA features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Los Angeles. This free event is the largest Big Data Conference in Southern California.

ReSci is proud to have our very own Co-Founder and CTO, Andrew Waage, as one of the speakers. Andrew will discuss how to utilize machine learning models in the context of digital marketing, while hopefully not giving away too much of how our secret sauce powers decisions for some of the world’s most recognizable brands!

We have put together a list of four “can’t miss” sessions that we’re most excited about, and know you’re going to love. We hope to see you at Big Data Day LA 2017!

1. Generalized B2B Machine Learning
Andrew Wage | Co-Founder of ReSci

Andrew Wage, Co-Founder and CTO of ReSci, will speak to e-commerce businesses about an effective machine learning framework.

This framework provides vital intelligence for digital marketers. The talk will cover models that predict churn, lifetime value, product recommendations, engagement and lead scoring along with 30 different user-level predictions. These models can be plugged into any marketing campaign for any integrated e-commerce company.

Andrew will discuss:

  1. Tools to capture browsing information from over 120M users across 100 companies (both in-app and web)
  2. The data processing and feature engineering layer that provides input to the predictive models for business applications
  3. The monitoring system for machine learning that measures the health of these predictive models

… and much more!


2. Data As A Strategic Asset
Lillian Coral | Chief Data Officer, Office of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

The City of Los Angeles, with 4 million residents and nearly 50 million visitors annually moving across 469 square miles, is not only one of the most densely populated cities, it also hosts one of the largest, most complex city infrastructures in the world.

6,000 miles of sewer underlie 22,000 miles of paved streets, that connect over 4,500 intersections, 50,000 city connected street lights and 2,000,000 google/waze connected sensors.

This network of people and infrastructure are connected through the data and the systems that support them. As data transforms from an unstructured asset into the organizational wisdom that can drive this Smart City, the City of Los Angeles and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti work to identify new technologies and strategies for managing and harnessing the growing amount of data available to inform decision-making.

3: Application of Data Science in Specialty Retail
Manas Bahat | Director of Finance and Strategy at Guitar Center

Guitar Center is the largest retailer of musical instruments in the US with over 275 stores and an annual revenue of over $2.1B.

Manas’ talk will focus on how data is leveraged here to drive optimal decision making. Guitar Center has a data warehouse that collects information on transactions, traffic, products, inventory, customer and many more from stores and online.

During the talk, he will walk through various insights that they have derived by analyzing the data. In one project, they blended Experian provided Household level data with internal data to build customer profiles on purchasers of high-end guitars.

They used this information with drive-time analysis to pick stores to build Platinum rooms exclusively dedicated to high-end guitars. Manas will also run through how they use extensive experimentation to test strategies before a chain wide roll out.

Guitar Center will then pick a few stores to pilot, use KNN to select like stores and perform a pre/post analysis to evaluate lift and its statistical significance.


4: The AI Takeover In Hollywood
Yves Bergquist | Director of Data Science and Analytics at USC

As the entertainment industry faces a landscape of exponential opportunities and threats, it is quietly turning to artificial intelligence to manage risk, develop operational efficiencies, and make more data-driven decisions.

From developing cognitive solutions to assess why we think certain films and characters are more interesting than others, to isolating granular, scene-level story and character mechanics that drive better box office returns, Hollywood has fully caught up on other industries in leveraging high-end analytics methods and tools.

As the director of the Data & Analytics Project at USC’s prestigious Entertainment Technology Center (created by George Lucas in 1993), Yves Bergquist sits at the center of this revolution. He and his team are developing next-generation AI tools and methods that are being deployed throughout the entertainment industry.

Because his research is funded by all 6 Hollywood studios, and he personally answers to all the CTOs of those studios, Yves has unique and powerful insight into how Hollywood is quietly using machine intelligence to take its hit-making game to the next level. What the audience will learn: the audience will go behind the scenes to discover how precisely Hollywood studios are using data, analytics and AI to make better development, production and distribution decisions.

Yves will draw from his and his team’s research and use case studies to lift the veil on how AI, game theory, and neuroscience are transforming audience intelligence, film development, and distribution strategies.


Andrew and the ReSci team is excited to meet you at Big Data Day LA 2017, so don’t hesitate to come over and say hello!
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