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Webinar: Build Brand Loyalty and Value with Email Marketing

Once the holiday sales are over and the dust begins to settle, the first quarter of the new year gets a little stagnant. Less engagement, less purchase activity, and less of everything make the eCommerce “slow season” a real drag for marketers. But not all is lost. There’s plenty of ways to sell without actually selling.

This is the perfect time to provide less promotional and sales based emails and start building your brand loyalty and value with email marketing. It can be done in a variety of ways, but these emails need to be carefully crafted with the goal of creating lasting value for your customers, and be just too good to delete from their inboxes. Join us as we breakdown some of the best, curated emails that will enhance your brand, build loyalty, and keep your customers wanting more.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How selling your brand without sending promotional emails is an effective practice, and why it’s more important now compared to other times of the year
  • How to create the best email messages – see examples that are too good and keep customers wanting more
  • How to incorporate these strategies into your overall email marketing strategy


Our speakers


Jennie Fernandez, Enterprise Client Success Manager @ ReSci

Jennie works with a variety of clients at ReSci, implementing marketing strategies to ensure our clients are successful. She brings her experience from working with top brands at digital media agencies.

Michael Cheng, Marketing Manager @ ReSci

Michael is an experienced digital marketer, building and executing strategies to drive ReSci’s growth. He leverages his knowledge and passion for technology to help brands succeed.


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