curalate integration

Curalate partners with ReSci – Social content tools

Introducing our Curalate integration

We’re happy to announce our Curalate integration! Curalate lets you use social content and audiences to sell more effectively online. Make any social channel shoppable, leverage user generated content (UGC), and activate influencers. 

Our Curalate integration allows for Curalate images to be used in product recommendations rather than standard stock photos. The Curalate <> ReSci integration allows you to:

  • Add your best user-generated-content dynamically into emails to optimize your social commerce strategy with artificial intelligence.
  • Increase your click-through rate and revenue easily with this “set it and forget it” integration that dynamically pulls in the freshest, most relevant content already populated in Curalate.
  • Feature your most recent shoppable social content with calls-to-action to grow your follower count or shop a social feed, top performing UGC to celebrate your community and drive traffic to shoppable galleries on-site, or replace stock images with lifestyle content in triggered emails (cart abandonment, post purchase, etc) to improve KPIs.

We’re looking forward to working with Curalate, and continuing our plan on extending our capabilities.

Integration Information

For information on how to set up the integration visit our help desk article for Curalate. You can find Curalate’s integration documentation here. For more information visit their website.


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