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Customer Segmentation 101: Drive “Superhuman” Revenue with Email

Being a Digital Marketer, you’re probably already using customer segmentation for your email campaigns.
You know that the more relevant your customers feel you are, the more likely they are to reward you with their business.

Even today, the focus on customer segmentation is exploding.

Customer Segmentation

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If you feel like you might be behind the technology curve here… you’re probably right.

I have some good news… and some bad news:

The Bad News: You’re probably throwing away money and time with “traditional” customer email segmentation. This technology, only a couple of years ago, might have been considered “robust.”

The Good News:  Over the last 12 months a revolutionary shift in email marketing automation has taken place. It’s not just making the segmentation process easier- it’s changing it completely (I’m looking at you, my trigger-happy friend!)

You may think you need a tool that can drill down into the smallest details of user data, so in response you can come up with the perfect segment(s) of customers to send a particular campaign to…

I’d like to suggest something radical: There are more strategic ways to spend your time, that will get you better results while being more hands off.

 Luckily, today there is a more sophisticated, elegant way of making your communication more relevant… what if:

  • You never had to worry about segmenting again?
  • Every user received an individualized email that already accounted for thousands of variables that are cross checked against other users and historical trends?
  • These 1:1 emails sent to users could double conversions for even the best Digital Marketer… at minimum.
  • Product recommendations weren’t based just on products you’ve tagged as related; what if recommendations were based on sophisticated trends for every other variable and all user behavior too?

What does it even mean to “drive superhuman revenue?”

There’s a “secret” tool that the best email marketers are keeping all to themselves. It’s something many smaller e-Commerce companies use to bring down the giants of retail, and the giants of retail are starting to use to take back their lead. It can be summed up in two words:

Artificial Intelligence

I know you’re thinking, “Most email service providers (maybe even your own) say they do some sort of Artificial Intelligence.” Marketers throw it around as a buzzword constantly. But 99% of these companies aren’t using REAL artificial intelligence.

Here’s why:

  • Most don’t even have a data scientist on staff (just search LinkedIn)
  • Most of their “AI” is just a one-off trigger, not taking into account a user’s behavior across all variables and criteria
  • These trigger campaigns aren’t self-calibrating or self-optimizing… let alone in real time.

Ultimately, real customer segmentation using Artificial Intelligence does all of these things. Essentially, you’re providing content and letting the artificial intelligence do the rest.

Retention Science‘s platform, Cortex, is all of this and more. It’s a big claim, and you may be skeptical and even think theres no way software can do this better than you… until you demo it. The numbers aren’t even close (as you’ll find out in an example below.)

What about AI Customer Segmentation + Your Social Media Channels?

But does this AI platform handle more than just email segmentation? What about social media ads?

A client used Cortex for a FB ad campaign for the first time recently. They were somewhat unsure of what the results would be. ReSci’s client success team did a great job spotting the opportunity with the client. They were confident the new campaign would perform well.

But… the results were so shocking that we had to double and triple check if they were real.

Before, the client was breaking even on their social media ad spend.

Within one week Cortex increased our client’s ad revenues by nearly 600%!

Cortex is surprising our clients every day… sometimes it surprises us. If you want to learn more, join our newsletter and I can send you two case studies we have coming out soon.

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See you on the other side!