Cyber Monday Aftermath – What Should You Pay Attention To?

December 2nd 2013 recorded the largest amount of online spending than any other day in United State’s history according to comscore. This influx of e-commerce customers left marketplaces with much more than their business: they left a trove of useful data that could increase future selling opportunities. Here are some key statistics and facts from 2013’s Cyber Monday that could help your business manage and increase digital marketing efforts.

Get Mobile

The exponential increase of mobile devices (an estimated 2.5 million devices by 2014) means that consumers will be buying on their smart phones and tablets ever more in the future. This year’s mobile sales on Cyber Monday accounted for 17% of total transactions made according to IBM Inc. Taking advantage of mobile apps, web interfaces and other such opportunities to improve the mobile buying experience could drastically increase the amount of mobile purchases made over the course of next year.

Get Social

While social media marketing can be a hit or a miss, it is still important to engage your customers and create a relationship with between your brand and the buyer. According to Piqora, Pinterest produced 3.6 more closures this year than last. While social media did not contribute largely to Cyber Monday as a whole, it is still an important aspect of e-commerce.

Be Prepared

While site maintenance and traffic stability are understood necessities of any online marketplace, it is important not to over-confident in their server performance during high volume days such as Cyber Monday. Even giants such as HP, Crate & Barrel and have had trouble getting their online leads to close due to poor site performance according to

Get Retention

While high volume sell-days are great for business, it is important to motivate acquired new visitors to convert into returning customers throughout the year. The best way to do that is through an automated retention client. The client collects fruitful data about your new leads, which would assist you in identifying strategies to make them become regulars to your site. Next year’s Cyber Monday will hopefully bring in even bigger online sales. When that time comes, ensure that your company has the right tools and information to take advantage of the ever-growing online marketplace. While statistics and data can assist you in targeting new customers and retaining them through out the year, remember that customer satisfaction should be your number one priority year round.