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Shopify Tips | 8 Crucial Steps For Ecommerce Marketing

Shopify helps you tackle billing, shipping, and everything in between, but how can you maximize your use of the platform and your email marketing programs to deliver the most value to your customers and your bottom line? Read on for Shopify tips to grow your business.


Launch Targeted Promotions 

Use Automated Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns

Another important Shopify tip is to create automated abandoned cart campaigns and strike while the iron is hot. Use your customers’ behavioral data and product preferences to convert those abandoned cart shoppers into buyers and drive more online sales.


Use an email platform that allows for automated cross-selling. AI can analyze your customers’ past behavior to predict their preferences for different products and product categories and also recommend products bought by customers with similar profiles and purchase histories.

Bring a New Level of Personalization to Your Email Campaigns

  • Deliver entirely new levels of email personalization and optimization with the use of AI-powered predictive analytics. The bar has been raised, and customers are engaging with brands that communicate with them based on their preferences and behaviors. 
  • Watch this webinar to see how FIGS, a leading provider of medical apparel, used an AI-powered email solution to develop a data-oriented segmentation strategy that identified high converting customers.
  • Picture a customer receiving an email that:
    • wishes them a happy birthday or happy anniversary (based on the date of their first purchase).
    • is sent at a time of day when they typically read their email.
    • contains a promotional offer that is predicted to be effective for them, at the lowest possible cost to the business.
    • includes product content based on purchasing, browsing, and other behaviors. 

Let Your Email Platform Do the Heavy Lifting and Save You Time

  • Eliminate the time-intensive, manual task of creating customer segments and let artificial intelligence do the hard work for you. The AI can take all the various types of customer data you collect every day and apply predictive analytics to intelligently create your segments. 
  • Ensure that your email marketing solution offers clear and easy-to-read dashboard charts and analytics so you can monitor campaign effectiveness by segment.

Engage With Customers via SMS

Learn why multichannel marketing is proving essential for ecommerce businesses large and small. The vast majority of customers prefer a multichannel experience.  Whether it’s the small brick and mortar bringing their business online or an established direct-to-consumer (D2C) business, it pays to meet customers where they are at, via their preferred channels. 

Start a Loyalty Program

Incorporate loyalty programs into your marketing strategy, if you have not already. The picture is clear when you consider the cost of acquiring a new customer versus the cost of retaining existing customers. Create fun, engaging loyalty programs that support your branding, customer experience, and retention efforts. 

Incorporate User-Generated Content (UGC)

Follow the lead of some of the most influential and successful ecommerce brands and include user-generated content in strategic ways. Build loyalty by involving users in the product development process. Using polls and surveys and other methods, ecommerce businesses can develop what their customers are asking for, and score big customer engagement and branding points at the same time. 

If your business is powered by Shopify you are already reaping the benefits of an end-to-end ecommerce solution. Layering on email marketing best practices will save you time, keep customers engaged, and drive more online sales. 

We at Retention Science will continue to dive deeper into the data science of email marketing, and share our knowledge with ecommerce businesses looking to bring their email marketing to the next level. Artificial Intelligence holds the key.


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