eCommerce Retention Marketing Survey 2014

At Retention Science, we have the privilege of working with some of the best and most exciting marketing teams in the world. This summer, we surveyed 139 of these marketing professionals on the capabilities of their organizations. Our study has revealed very interesting trends in the adoption of new marketing technology and it’s prevalence in organizations of all sizes.

As a preview, we put together this infographic and a few highlights from a forthcoming report:

Report Highlights:

  • While we found that 81% of marketers personalize emails, and 68% personalize websites, most are only personalizing at a basic levels. A very small percentage are taking advantage of more advanced and lucrative strategies such as dynamic pricing and individualized discounts.
  • Advanced customer lifecycle metrics are being adopted slowly with only 23% of marketers tracking the rate at which their customers churn, and under 40% tracking customer lifetime value.
  • Marketers are most confident in their email and social marketing efforts while almost 70% believe that their retention marketing efforts are only average, poor, or need improvement