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Fresh and Creative Email Campaign Ideas for the New Year

Ecommerce marketers everywhere are catching their breath following the marathon that is the holiday marketing season. Enjoy the breather, but also realize it’s the perfect time to audit your email marketing performance and plan your email marketing campaigns for the coming year. We have a collection of fresh new ideas for email campaigns that you can add to your mix. 

Since more ecommerce brands are realizing the importance of inbound marketing, we’ll include some inbound marketing campaign ideas. Inbound marketing campaigns utilizing content marketing, SEO, marketing automation, and social media can be very helpful in attracting new customers to your brand. They can also be effective for nurturing customers as they move in and out of lifecycle stages

But first, let’s not overlook your transactional email campaigns. 

New Transactional Email Campaign Ideas

Transactional emails tend to get much higher click-through rates than non-transactional emails, so think about how you want to capitalize on your customer’s attention while you have it. Transactional emails, while mainly informational, can also be creative and engaging. 

For example, if you are looking to build a community and a larger social media following, use the order confirmation email to invite customers to follow you on social media and be part of the customer community. Highlight the great content and conversations on your social channels, and perhaps even include a contest or other fun activity.

What about shipping confirmation emails? Again, you can offer so much more than the expected tracking information. Take the opportunity to drive repeat purchases by including personalized product recommendations.

Fresh Holiday and Seasonal Campaign Ideas

Think you’ve seen and done it all when it comes to holiday and seasonal email campaigns? Start the new year right by introducing new products, and creating helpful content and promotions around starting healthy habits for the new year.

Shake things up by considering how your brand and products tie into the less celebrated holidays and times of the year. What about an end of the school year campaign with gift-giving ideas for teachers, coaches and bus drivers?

You’re sure to stand out with an Arbor Day campaign. Environmentally friendly brands can share plans to plant a tree for every purchase along with details about the brand’s sustainable, earth-friendly practices.

Inbound marketing can certainly come into play with your holiday and seasonal campaigns. Write helpful, SEO-optimized, creative and engaging blog posts with celebration and gifting ideas, and amplify them with your social profiles and email campaigns.

Lifecycle Marketing Campaign Ideas

Influencer marketing continues to be very important for ecommerce brands. Think about ways you can weave influencer content into your lifecycle campaigns to reengage with and win back your less active customers.

Take a look at your welcome series. Is it working as hard as possible? Ask yourself if the content is geared towards making customers feel special and part of the brand community. Would your brand benefit from a rewards program? Introduce it right away, and include promotional offers to drive that first purchase.

A Year’s Worth of Email Campaign Planning Ideas

We’ve kicked things off with this collection of email campaign ideas, and the rest is up to you. The key thing to remember is that, as seasoned as you may be, you haven’t seen and done it all with respect to email campaign planning. Email is a critical channel for ecommerce brands, and a little creativity goes a long way towards keeping your campaigns fresh and engaging. Apply this same kind of thinking to build out a whole year’s worth of winning campaigns.


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