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3 Reasons Email Is a Key Revenue Driver for Uprising Food

One of the most exciting things about working with growing brands is that we get to track and support their growth. Sometimes the successes and stories are too good to keep to ourselves, so we share them here. Such is the case with the growing DTC brand Uprising Food. Rooted in a mission to support health and longevity for all, Uprising Food provides superfood bread and chips for the masses.

The Shopify-powered brand is seeing incredible growth by staying laser-focused on providing the best customer experience. One of the ways they are able to do this is by tailoring and leveraging their email marketing in strategic ways.

Read on to learn how Uprising Food is driving revenue from their email marketing by leveraging A.I., focusing on customer experience, and working with ReSci’s experienced Customer Success team.

Email as a Key Revenue Driver

William Schumacher, a co-founder of Uprising Food, used ReSci’s A.I.-enabled email marketing automation platform while working in brand management at Proctor & Gamble, and knew it was priced to support fledgling eCommerce businesses. He chose ReSci for his company because he wanted the firepower of big-company technology and was experienced working with the ReSci team and platform. His team looked at the best ways to utilize the A.I., and also analyzed the various lifecycle stages to see which ones they wanted to tailor more specifically to their needs. 

The Value of A.I. in Email Marketing

Since Uprising Food has a lean team, they are very focused on technology and strategies that allow them to save time and stay top of mind with their customers at key points of their customer journeys.

The various scenarios and variables that can come into play in mapping out effective, personalized, email communications–things like time of day, product preferences, and customer stage–are exponential, and while the value of guessing right can be huge, the task of guessing right, for each individual customer, in real-time, as a human, is not possible.

For example, sometimes customers are almost, but not quite, ready to buy. Perhaps a customer purchased once and needs a bit of nurturing to make the next purchase. The A.I. captures and analyzes various types of purchasing, behavioral and other data for each customer and learns what content they consume, what messaging is most effective, the time of day they are likely to open their email or make a purchase, and more, so that the communication provides the right message, at the right time, to each customer, keeping them engaged, and bringing them closer to their next purchase. 

The image below shows an example of A.I.-enabled automated email flows. Even the largest teams of talented marketers would have a difficult time setting up, auditing, and optimizing automated flows with this level of precision and personalization.

A.I. email permutations

In addition, these teams would need to keep up with A.I. that is continuously running in the background, and providing up-to-the-minute predictions and recommendations.

Delivering a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

As an experienced and strategic marketer, William is challenging his team to make Uprising Food the most trusted brand. He wants to win on communications first and foremost because it’s incredibly scalable. With more products in development, he sees effective communication and the monetization opportunities that go along with it, as essential for offsetting his R & D costs. Respectfully communicating with their customers at the right time with the right message, with the right frequency, in order to maintain a high-value, high-trust relationship is mission-critical to the team.

His brand’s focus on creating a great customer experience means he’s able to send four to five times the number of emails and maintain an unsubscribe rate of less than 1%. Customers receive educational content, recipes using the Uprising Food products, and other high-value content, and the aim is to have customer communication be a dialogue. 

Tapping Into Expert Advice

The Uprising Food team works closely with their Customer Success Manager at ReSci for expert advice on everything from the placement of a button in a template design to strategies for targeting customers. They utilize the Help Desk and work with a team that has broad experience with startups through big brands like P&G. The Customer Success team monitors performance and key KPIs in order to help the Uprising Food team track to their goals. 

Ever-Rising Growth 

We’re thrilled to support the small but mighty team at Uprising Food, and we look forward to tracking their continuing growth. With more products on the horizon, an expert team in place, and plenty of learning under their belts, they are well on their way to achieving ever-greater levels of success.


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