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Your Top Email Marketing Strategy Questions, Answered

Email marketing is to a marketer what a claw hammer is to a carpenter, the most commonly used and arguably one of the handiest tools for getting the job done. Everybody’s doing email marketing yet questions remain as to the best ways to optimize it for your business, particularly as market dynamics change and email marketing technology evolves. 

We worked with agency partner Pulse to round up some of the most common questions around email marketing strategy, and then answered them.

What Email Marketing Questions Are Marketers Asking?

Some marketers are looking for ways to keep customers engaged, while others are curious about the role of artificial intelligence in marketing automation. Some questions were more topical, including one around improving the pop-up experience for customers.

Kevin Lee of Pulse discussed his experience with getting clients up and running with A/B testing, brand-building and messaging, and more. Jerry Jao of Retention Science answered questions around the role of A.I. in gaining customer insights and driving revenue and offered tips and ideas based on his experience working with brands like Draper James, Figs, Evelyn & Bobbie, Shinola, Every Man Jack, Birdies, and others. 

What Else is Included in the Top Ten List of Email Marketing Questions?

What is the right ratio of brand content to product content, and where will email marketing be five years from now? You’ll hear the answers to these questions and more in the webinar recording included below.


Email Marketing Done the Right Way ft. Jerry Jao from ReSci from The Beat by Pulse on Vimeo.


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We Know There Are More Than 10 Questions When It Comes to Email Marketing

Do you have additional questions about email marketing strategy? As a team of data scientists and ecommerce experts, we at Retention Science are focused on helping ecommerce businesses grow and succeed, and we invite you to reach out with any questions you might have.

We’re also happy to share more about how our A.I.-enabled marketing automation solution could support your email, SMS, and multichannel marketing objectives. Reach out to us for a customized demo

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