friendbuy integration

Friendbuy partners with ReSci – Referral program and email capture

Introducing our Friendbuy integration

We’re happy to announce our Friendbuy integration that works with billion dollar brands as well as diverse startups. Friendbuy is a referral program and email capture software for marketers. Friendbuy’s advanced capabilities can accelerate your customer acquisition, optimize your referral and influencer programs, and foster an engaged community of users. 

Our Friendbuy integration pulls in email addresses, referral links, and number of rewards earned for each user. The Friendbuy <> ReSci integration allows you to have access to user’s referral data for use in ReSci campaigns. 

We’re looking forward to working with Friendbuy, and moving forward with our plan on extending our capabilities.

Integration Information

For information on how to set up the integration visit our help desk article for Friendbuy. You can also find Friendbuy’s documentation here, and visit their website for more information.


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