Get a sneak peek at the Data Viz Summit

Big data was the buzzword of 2014. Data mining was the top skill of 2014 on LinkedIn. With data being collected in every shape and form, how can it be best presented?

That’s where data visualization comes into play. Data visualization is the presentation of information in graphical format. Whether a graph is simple or sophisticated, the most important aspect is that it can be understood and interpreted easily by the intended viewer.

The amount of data available to the marketer is growing rapidly. The challenge is presenting this data in a way that can be translated into running more efficient campaigns.

That’s why we’re excited that members of our team will be attending the upcoming upcoming Data Visualization Innovation Summit in San Jose April 28-29, 2015.

The team at Retention Science is constantly exploring ways to bring the right insights to the surface and help clients discover new things about their customers in order to better personalize the marketing experience.

We believe that data visualization is the future of marketing because it helps marketers understand concepts like Customer Lifetime Value and other predictive metrics as more than just buzzwords. As marketing becomes more about understanding customer data rather than relying on a marketer’s intuition, we predict that the way data is presented will become an essential attribute marketers look for in new tools and resources.

We’re working to make sure that the data we collect can be easily explored and digested so our clients can better understand and discover new things about their customers and business.

The Data Visualization Summit is only a month away, and our team is looking forward to all the great sessions.

Here are our developer’s top sessions to attend:

Day 1:

Beyond Line and Pie Charts: Practical Applications of Complex Data Viz
by Elijah Meeks
Senior Data Visualization Engineer, Netflix

This talk focuses on various types of data visualization, the strengths and weaknesses of various methods, and how to integrate them into data-driven applications.

Skip the Meeting, Use a Dashboard
by Charlie Guthrie
Data Visualization Engineer, The New York Times

This presentation covers how to communicate analytics in a less manual and tedious manner through implementing interactive dashboards. As Retention Science continues to make updates to our own dashboard, this talk about dashboard design will be sure to provide great insights.

Graphical Data Exploration
by Eli Bressert
Manager, Data Labs at StitchFix

This session discusses how to understand data through visualizations and descriptive statistics to boost the impact of projects. When assumptions and early-on decisions has a huge impact on projects, it’s important to better understand data through exploratory data analysis to maximize its value. Graphics need to be simple, concise, and to the point.

Data Viz Gone Wrong: What NOT to do
by Cory Jez
Business Intelligence Developer, HomeAway

Not everyone who visualizes their data does so effectively or correctly. This session will go through examples of misleading or ineffective messaging and how to avoid these errors.

Day 2

User Experience Cuing in Data Visualizations
by David Fisher
Data Viz Guru, Veterans Transformation Center

Presenting data in an effective manner means developing subtle visual cues that tell the user what information is meant to be extracted. This session will describe how to build navigational language into visualizations, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Scalable A/B experiments at Pinterest
by Krishna Gade
Engineering Manager, Pinterest

Pinterest does hundreds of A/B experiments running simultaneously each day in order to improve quality and user engagements. Testing at this level requires a lot of processing power, and it’ll be interesting to hear how Pinterest tackled this challenge.

With so many great sessions, this event is a must-attend for anyone interested in leveraging their data for a better client experience. The Data Visualization Summit is still open for registration here. We’re looking forward to it!