Target customers on Google Ads with our latest integration

Leverage ReSci’s powerful predictions and segmentation tools to target specific customer segments with Google Ads! 

No need to manually sync data between platforms. With a click of a button, ReSci automatically syncs your audiences so you can target segments, find new customers, drive brand awareness, and increase traffic by using:

  • ReSci’s predictive segments like ready to buy, high CLV, at risk, and more. ReSci is the only platform where you can determine users that have an affinity for each product.
  • Google’s Similar Audiences to find new leads similar to your best customers on their extensive network.
  • Standard segments for marketers based on gender, website activity, purchase history, and more.
  • Your custom segments that you have created based on specific criteria.


Installation is quick and is an easy way to extend ReSci’s powerful segmentation capabilities into your online advertising. Find out more about Google Ads on their official website.

Contact your Client Success Manager or if you’re interested. Additional information here in our helpdesk article.

Not a ReSci customer and want to see what our Google Ads integration can do for you? Contact us for a demo.


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