Highlights from the Shop.org 2014 Summit

The Retention Science team is back in sunny Santa Monica after an epic few days in Seattle! As expected, the Shop.org 2014 Summit was an invaluable experience for marketers and exhibitors alike – we can tell you firsthand that it was theplace to be for insights on the newest marketing trends, inspiring keynotes from the brightest minds in the industry, and opportunities to build some truly great connections.

Here are our top highlights from the Summit:

1. Nordstrom’s President Jamie Nordstrom says retailers must “evolve or die.”

Nordstrom stressed the importance of evolving with your customers in order to stay in business. This reinforces the emphasis on fluidity and adaptability we noticed throughout the conference – as technology advances and the space of retail changes, retailers must be willing to roll with the punches in order to succeed.

2. New consumer expectations change the name of the game to omnichannel.

It’s no longer about “just” a multichannel approach – the focus has shifted to creating smoother overall shopping experiences for customers. This means a demand for seamless integration between channels, from offers to price points to in-store, mobile, and online experiences. It’s official: omnichannel is the new multichannel.

3. Influencing the influencer: building brand loyalty is key.

Just like our recent discussion on the ideal customer, this year’s Summit focused on the importance of building customer loyalty through positive experiences, good content, and personalized messaging – and what’s more, finding and curating advocates for your brand. In the closing keynote session, Birchbox and Zulily discussed the waysthey shape their business models around their customers in order to nurture and maintain that loyalty.

4. The next big thing(s): Big Data and mobile optimization

Data is what ties all these themes together: the importance of gathering insights that can be translated into personalized content and offers to help create that seamless, tailored experience for the customer. With new mobile technology developments like the iPhone 6’s Apple Pay feature along with the fact that 4 out of 5 customers shop on their phone, mobile optimization is more important than ever.

5. Best way to hit your target – Nerf guns?!

Definitely one of the highlights of the Summit for us was the Retention Science booth! We were excited to be exhibiting at our first trade show, and we think it showed throughout the 2½-day conference. We had a great turnout of very cool, very smart people who were enthusiastic about the importance of data-driven marketing and excited about our product (if we do say so ourselves)!

Our Nerf gun game was a hit – literally. We offered attendees the chance to win a GoPro Hero3+ camera by hitting the bulls-eye on our Retention Marketing target, and sharpshooters from all over gathered to prove their skills. One lucky (and super sharpshooting) winner – Lenovo’s Jeff Palumbo – won the grand prize, but everyone left the booth happy with some Retention Science swag.


GoPro Hero3+ winner & sharpshooter Jeff Palumbo

We also hosted an exclusive invite-only Executive Mixer event at trendy location the Triple Door. Execs gathered for some good food, live music, and great conversations – as well as the chance to win a $300 Cloud 9 Living experience! Again, one lucky winner took home that prize, but every attendee received some very cool goodies, courtesy of our clients. Swag included organic lip balm from The Honest Company, green powder from Aloha, and a Diamond Candle with a diamond ring inside.


Our Executive Mixer Event in full swing at the Triple Door

The Retention Science team definitely had a blast – we can’t wait for next year!