Holiday Hangover: How to keep the momentum after a busy holiday season

For eCommerce companies, the holiday season is usually the largest sales period of the year. Although it’s quite exciting to watch your website hit record highs in traffic and sales, getting there is an extremely stressful process. The signal-to-noise ratio is also at an all-time high, and your audience will be inundated with offers from every other brand out there; it’s no surprise that companies begin preparing months in advance.

If you’ve laid out your strategy, put in the long hours, and started months before Jingle Bells makes its way into the local radio station rotation, your hard work is bound to pay off. Website traffic will grow and the sales will follow. In fact, US shopping trends project that holiday eCommerce sales will grow a record 16.6% this year to just over 72 billion dollars. This is for a period lasting only 4 short weeks!

However, once all the decorations come down, do you have a strategy to turn your newly minted holiday shoppers into lifelong customers and advocates of your brand? For all the planning that goes into the holiday season, marketers often ignore the critical days and weeks after it ends. Holidays are a great way to execute a final sprint to meet those lofty sales goals laid out for 2014. However, great companies also use the holidays as a springboard for the new year. To help you plan your post-holiday strategies, we’ve put together a webinar that will discuss how to capitalize on all the hard work you’re already putting in.

Join Sue Cho, Email Marketing Manager from the Honest Company and Ryan Lee, Client Success Manager from Retention Science, as they discuss what strategies, tactics, and campaigns you can use to turn one-time holiday shoppers into lifelong customers.

Wed. Nov 19th 10:00 am PST | Register Now

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to plan for retention
  • What data do you need to track for future success
  • How to identify churning customers using predictive analytics
  • Post-holiday campaign ideas and examples that re-engage customers

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