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Drive Holiday Sales and Retention by Thinking 1:1

With the largest shopping mall operator in the U.S. along with major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s opting to close stores on Thanksgiving Day (and many to remain closed on Black Friday as well), more shoppers than ever will complete their holiday shopping online.  Are your holiday email marketing plans poised to meet the increased demand, and drive holiday sales and retention with highly personalized customer experiences?

Let’s Talk About Customer Experience

Shoppers have faced a range of issues and difficulties over the past 18 months, and many people who normally shopped in brick and mortar stores found that online shopping could be easier and more pleasant. The result is that more gift-givers than ever are opting to shop from the safety of their homes, in their pajamas, with easy access to the best deals.

These customers expect brands to remember them—their product preferences, their purchase and browsing history, and more. Many ecommerce brands have found artificial intelligence (A.I.) to be a cost-effective and practical way to deliver the highest levels of personalization, by determining the right products, offers, and content to deliver to each customer, in real time. That is the type of 1:1 personalization that will help you reach your holiday sales goals.

It Pays To Deliver Personalized Email Marketing

Email is a revenue-driving machine. Add high levels of personalization and it could be your most powerful marketing channel in terms of ROI.

For brands to effectively cut through the noise during the weeks leading up to the holidays, data-driven customer segmentation is key. These segmented or targeted campaigns perform better and generate much higher profit because they can deliver 1:1 personalization.

Give Yourself the Gift of Automated, A.I.-Enabled Segmentation

Is your team still mired in the guesswork of manual segmentation? Start hitting your goals quicker by utilizing your customer data and A.I. You’ll be able to segment your emails much more precisely and deliver personalized email messages based on a customer’s lifecycle stage and many other factors.

For example, you could identify customers that shopped with you during the previous holiday season. Send them an email to get them excited for the upcoming holiday season and everything you have to offer. Additionally, if you have a considerably large number of people who are motivated by sales and discounts, be sure to send them emails announcing your holiday sales.

You can also use data-driven strategies to segment your messaging and include A.I.-powered product recommendations. You can target segments with special offers, giveaways, or even a sneak peek at holiday sales to help bolster brand loyalty and encourage engagement.

Send Some Holiday Love to Your VIP Customers

Are you able to quickly target your most valuable customers? Using your historic customer data along with advanced marketing automation tools like ReSci allows you to find the customers with the highest average order value (AOV) and combine them with a high customer future value (CFV) segment. You have already won these customers over with your products; impress them further with that little extra attention, especially during the stressful holiday season. You can automate this process (and minimize cuts to your profit margins) by using A.I.- driven incentives. This will save you time and deliver the highest ROI.

When all is said and done and you flip the calendar to a new year, you will want your holiday successes to carry over. Did you deliver a top-notch, 1:1 experience during the holiday season? If you did, then you most likely made great strides with building customer loyalty and retention. With your holiday marketing tactics as a strong foundation you an continue to create cutting-edge customer experiences in the new year and beyond.

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