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Post-Holiday Retention Tactics for Driving Customer Lifetime Value

Seasoned ecommerce marketers know that attention to holiday shoppers shouldn’t end at the year’s close. Keeping your focus on your holiday shoppers into Q1 and beyond can have significant impacts on key metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and revenue per email generated, as well as brand loyalty. We rounded up this collection of post-holiday retention tactics to help you drive sales and keep holiday shoppers engaged with your brand well after the holiday decorations are packed away.

Woo Your Anonymous Users

Anonymous users likely make up a frustratingly large portion of your user base. These are users who have not shared contact information or granted marketing permissions, and are therefore unreachable through your primary messaging channels.

Chances are, you gained a bunch more anonymous users during the holiday shopping season. What might this user base mean for future sales? You really don’t want to let them drift away, never to be seen again. So how can you nurture them along a path from “anonymous,” possibly all the way to “advocate?” 

You can gently encourage them to opt in to web push messaging, and even analyze their cross-channel behavior to determine the best timing and their product preferences. From there, you could (also gently) encourage them to engage further, with an email newsletter or loyalty program signup.  

Once they are marketable, the real magic can happen. You can take advantage of advanced lifecycle marketing, supported by A.I.-enabled marketing automation in order to stay synced up with these users as they move in and out of lifecycle stages. The end goal, of course, is to build a longstanding brand relationship that drives Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

More Post-Holiday Retention Tactics

  • Create personalized gifting journeys if your shoppers are buying primarily around gift-giving holidays.
  • Build personalized paths, segmented to the last time they made a purchase and the types of items purchased.
  • Create personalized replenishment journeys for customers purchasing food and beverage, or beauty and personal care items that will require replenishment. You’ll make their lives easier with these types of personalized journeys, and you will likely be rewarded for it.
  • Consider the use of a BNPL (buy now, pay later) platform, due to their growing popularity among younger shoppers
  • Promote other ease-of-use payment and fulfillment options like free shipping and no-risk returns.
  • Include New Year’s-themed campaigns and/or “self-gifting” campaigns.
  • Promote end-of-year sales.

There is enormous value in keeping your holiday shoppers engaged. Competition for customers is such that you will want to be prepared with post-holiday retention tactics. Consider that 66% of loyal customers will submit glowing reviews online. Engaging with your newly acquired shoppers early, and creating highly personalized experiences can lead to sales wins and even more valuable customer advocates. 



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