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How The Honest Company and LUSH Turned Mission Statements Into Brand Movements

In today’s highly competitive and crowded retail space, it’s more important than ever for companies and brands to develop unique ways to connect with consumers. These connections foster brand loyalty, which in turn fosters customer retention.

A strong mission statement can be essential in attracting like-minded audiences who will stay loyal to brands because of shared ethics and values. However, it isn’t enough to have a bold mission statement alone — truly successful companies are the ones that seamlessly weave their stories and values into their brand, building a foundation to further customer relationships.

Achieving this connection is no easy task. Here are two examples of companies that have enhanced their mission statement and core values with some truly skilled storytelling to win over customers and, more importantly, gain their loyalty.

The Honest Company is famous for being founded by Jessica Alba, but their values are what speak to their customers

After the birth of her first child, Jessica Alba’s own history of childhood illnesses inspired her to create a company that provided cleaner alternatives to the baby products already on the market. Many of these products used toxic ingredients hidden under the ambiguous label “fragrances.” Terrified by the idea of inadvertently harming her children, Alba co-founded The Honest Company and set about creating non-toxic household products.

Alba’s celebrity status definitely helped win over customers and build buzz, but it was her personal story and concerns, shared by so many parents today, that is the basis of The Honest Company’s massive appeal. The universality of her story, and the company’s mission statement that stems from that story, help create an emotional connection with their core consumer base.



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The Honest Company has consistently integrated this story into their brand, from their website to their email series to their posts on social media. The Honest Company website goes into great detail on their principles, their safety standards, and their commitment to ensuring that their safe and eco-friendly products give parents peace of mind when caring for their children.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics proves their commitment to customers — and their mission — by showing, not telling

The delightfully sweet and unique scents that pour from LUSH’s stores may lure customers in, but it is how the soap and cosmetics company commits to their promises and values that keep customers coming back.

LUSH’s mission is to make their products by hand with only vegetarian ingredients and little-to-no preservatives. They are staunchly against animal testing, even refusing to buy material from producers that test on animals, and seek to minimize packaging to reduce waste and lower costs for better products.  

These could read like empty words, but LUSH demonstrates their commitment to their mission with their transparency, from blog posts introducing their products to videos that show how their products are made.  


Their website also includes LUSHopedia, an ingredient finder, that lists and explains the different ingredients found in their products, and LUSH also takes things an extra step with its Charity Pot, a hand and body lotion, with 100% of proceeds going towards organizations whose work mirror LUSH’s mission.

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Through their transparency and open commitment to sustainability, LUSH clearly conveys their commitment to natural, vegetarian, cruelty-free products. LUSH’s straightforward and eco-friendly branding is not only helping the planet, but also winning over consumers.

Effective storytelling can turn a mission statement into a brand movement

In all marketing efforts, it’s important to find tactics to connect to your customers, but it’s just as important to give them a reason to connect with your brand. Storytelling is a powerful tool to help create those connections and can turn a simple mission statement into an appealing brand. By effectively telling stories that explore a brand’s core values and ethics, companies give consumers a reason to go on a journey with them: to support something they believe in. 

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