How to Improve Your Blog Outreach?

Content, and more specifically SEO optimized content, is becoming more and more valuable in getting the name of your business ‘out there’. Online blogs especially have become the best way to get your promotional message to as many people as possible and may even help you create a valuable backlinks network. Today, we would like to offer you a few tips on how to increase the blog outreach of your marketing campaign.

How to find the perfect blog

Just because a blog appears on the first page of Google, does not necessarily mean it will be useful for your business. In order to create a valuable blog list, you need to find a balance between sites that are popular, those that optimally target your preferred customer base and those that you can see yourself working with in the long run. Firstly, perform a basic search by entering industry-related keywords in several search engines and compiling a list of the most popular and relevant results. In addition, there are many research tools available that often go unnoticed by even experience marketers, including Twitter directories like Twellow and WeFollow, ‘blog rolls’ with suggestions by fellow bloggers or even your own paid-for media database. However, if you don’t like the writing style of the blogger or if they do not actively use comments and social networking to their advantage, your money and efforts are better spent elsewhere.

How to get in touch

Popular online blogs usually receive a lot of marketing or promotional requests and, therefore, do not always publish their contact details openly on the website. But even if a contact form or email address have not been provided, there are a lot of online tools you can use to obtain the information you need. One of the most popular research tools are the so-called WhoIs websites, used by many marketing experts to find email addresses quickly and easily.

People search engines like Pipl, 123People and ZoomInfo gather personal information from online directories, social network pages and public records and can prove very useful in providing information that is hard to find elsewhere. If all else fails, simply guessing at the email address could return some valuable results. To limit the time and effort this will take, you could download an automated tool like Rapportive, which recognizes email addresses as you type them in on Gmail and provides you with the owner’s personal information.

How to get them on board

Pitching to potential blogging contacts can be an uphill task. A well-written and convincing email, may do the trick if it falls into the right hands, but expect you’ll have to send out at least a few hundred emails before you get a reply. Live interaction by phone may yield better results and a meeting in person would be the icing on the cake. If the person in question is very busy or high-profile, a quick message on a social networking site like Twitter is still more likely to elicit a response than an email pitch.

Once you manage to establish contact, your task is to convince your potential business partner why it would be worthwhile to work with you. This involves more than just outlining your company profile. Explain to them how they can benefit from your partnership in terms of exposure, reputation, payment, etc. Try to understand their business motivation and work out a plan to the advantage of both your enterprises. Finally, don’t hesitate to offer them a free gift in return for their services, such as a free logo or web design or an e-book containing detailed industry information on the topic you want them to write about. This little extra effort can make all the difference.