How to use Lifecycle Marketing tactics for customer retention

When trying to keep a customer engaged and happy, it’s important to keep in mind what their interaction with your brand has been so far – meaning, are they a brand new customer or have they been purchasing from you for years. Tailoring your content and messaging to the customer lifecycle stage a customer is in is the basis of Lifecycle Marketing.

The Stages of Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing the concept of creating campaigns around the stage that a customer is in to be more relevant and effective with your messaging. Lifecycle Marketing is broken into four main stages:

1) Engagement

This is the stage where you first grab a customer’s attention – think about when someone makes their first purchase or becomes a subscriber. These customers are new to your brand which is why an email Welcome Series is recommended to send to customers in this stage. Use this series as an opportunity to introduce your brand and values, give customers a look into what they can expect from your brand, and give them other options to connect with you (i.e. social channels).

2) Retention

Now that you’ve gotten someone to become a subscriber, it’s time to turn them into a paying customer. It’s also time to try to get those first time customers to make a second purchase. This is where an Activation Series campaign helps you turn your subscribers from just interested to engaged and purchasing. An activation series campaigns includes promotional offers and discounts as well as introducing subscribers to new products.

3) Recovery

The reality of any business is that some customers leave, or what is also known as ‘churn’. This means they cease interacting with and/or purchasing from your brand. Implementing a Win-Back campaign is one way to reclaim these customers. Letting your customers know that you miss them and offering a discount if they come back is one way to engage and entice this group to move from churned to active customers.

4) Advocacy

While some of your customers may churn, those customers who are loyal and advocate for your brand deserve to be recognized as well. Thank these customers with a Loyalty campaign that includes things like exclusive sneak peaks, anniversary emails, and special discounts.

Segmenting your customers into the lifecycle stages and optimizing campaigns for each stage can be tricky. Join us on Thursday as we discuss Lifecycle Marketing tactics and how to use them to retain customers. Hear from Tracy Randall, former CEO and Co-Founder of and Ryan Lee of Retention Science as they discuss the strategies that have worked for leading brands and give tips on how you can incorporate these strategies into your mix. This is a can’t miss webinar for all digital marketers – reserve your spot now!

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