How to write kick-ass product descriptions

For eCommerce companies, standing out in the crowd is a key part of staying in business. Today’s research-happy comparison shoppers visit several websites when shopping for a product to find the best value, and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle, especially when other merchants are offering similar or even identical items. The best way to get noticed is to be unique – in your website and branding, but also your product descriptions. Customers looking for a specific item depend on product descriptions along with the price when looking for the best value. It’s a valuable chance to engage shoppers, and might very well be the final step in getting them to convert. Product descriptions also help your site rank better with search results, which in turn increases your site traffic.

Here are some top tips for writing kick-ass product descriptions:

1. Figure out your target customer

When it comes to crafting unique copy, you first need to identify your customer before you can engage them. For each item, establish who your most likely buyers are. What gender and age bracket do they fall into? What kind of language do they use?

Once you have found answers to these questions, you can incorporate them into your product descriptions. For example, if the data tells you that your target customers are internet-savvy twentysomethings, a humorous tone with a pop-culture reference might work best. Or are you targeting middle-aged professionals? Then perhaps a smarter, more authoritative voice will resonate most.


Method soap uses toilet humor to sell toilet cleaner – appropriate!

Whatever the case may be, write your product descriptions with just that target audience in mind. Avoid the temptation of producing content geared towards everyone at once. That’s how bland and generic web copy is born.

2. Give your customers a voice

For any shopper debating a purchase, reviews by people who have already tried the product are a key decision-making factor. From a consumer’s perspective, seeing online ratings and reviews helps them make a more informed decision to determine if a product is what they are looking for.

There are bound to be a couple of bad reviews, but if you’re confident in the products you’re selling, you know there will be good ones, too. Having genuine product reviews on your site makes you more credible to customers.

Moreover, reviews keep shoppers on your site longer and give them the opportunity to look around and browse other products. Anything that encourages more clicks and views is a tactic worth trying.

3. Features tell, benefits sell

When writing your copy, include the benefits to the consumer. This makes your merchandise more enticing by allowing shoppers to get a better idea of how they can use the product and how it can make their lives better.

A new mother looking for a teething toy, for example, is not just looking at price points and how cute a toy is – she is looking for the item that will best soothe her baby. A product description listing that focuses on benefits will most definitely grab her attention.


This teething toy sounds like a lifesaver to me, too.

4. Make your products look good

Images play a big part in converting shoppers, in addition to text. Avoid using the generic product photos sent by the manufacturer. Your goal here is to stand out, not blend in with the rest of the stores in your niche.

Take product photos in simple but interesting settings. Does the item come in different colors? Have photos of the other varieties as well. Capture each item from various angles and allow customers to zoom in and out.


The artsy, edgy vibe to these product photos makes you look twice.

Unique product descriptions are an important way to make your items more appealing to potential buyers. Pay close attention to what you want to say with each item – taking the time to do so will give the customer a sense of its value. Avoid copying what other people are doing; not only will it make it harder for shoppers to notice you, it will hurt your site rankings on search results.


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