Identifying Time of Send Can Help Re-Engage Lost Shoppers

Time of send of e-mail offers is becoming increasingly relevant to e-Commerce industries today. While some sites have you convinced that the best time to send an e-mail is at 10:30 AM on a Monday, in actuality, the most optimal time varies per person. Data indicates that open, click-through, and conversion rates vary drastically between customers in different countries. In fact, US shoppers are found to be more engaged in marketing messages on the weekend as opposed to during the week for shoppers in France (Experian). Ultimately, customers should be treated as individuals.

Why timing matters

Analyzing your customers’ behaviors can help you identify when your customers are reviewing their inboxes and when you should send out your offer. Why does this matter? Because paying close attention to timing has proven to lead to higher e-mail open rates. StrongMail discovered that sending promotional e-mails at a set delivery window increased customer engagement by 54.6%. You want to secure your spot as the first offer your customer sees within their inbox clutter, especially now that Gmail has installed email tabs.

Trigger emails based on customer behavior

Marketers need to be able to target specific e-mails for various occasions. Such instances include periods directly following cart abandonments. You want to be able to send a follow-up email with a promotional offer (i.e. discount, shipping upgrade, bonus gift) related to items left behind to re-engage your cart abandoner and increase their conversion rate.

Keep in mind that these triggered e-mails have to occur within minutes of a customer’s action so that customers are more likely to purchase. In 2012, 27.2% of US Marketing Professionals held goals of triggering their e-mail messages within 15 seconds to a minute of a customer’s action, while 24.9% desired a time frame within 1-5 minutes (StrongMail).

Thanks to intelligent marketing software, you can trigger your e-mail campaigns directly in accordance with your customers’ behaviors. By identifying your customers’ response times, you can increase their engagement window for your marketing messages. Running a large pool of e-mail campaigns tailored to hundreds of thousands of customers can be as painful or simple as you want. The combination of Big Data and marketing software helps ease that process. Split testing of e-mail offer timing has proven to increase revenue and conversion rates (StrongMail).


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