Learnings from Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International

It’s been an exciting few weeks at ReSci! We not only unveiled our new branding for Cortex + ReSci, we also continued our Drink & Learn Happy Hour series with a special Thought Leadership edition. This series is geared to provide top marketers in LA the chance to network with the best and brightest in their fields, as well as learn from industry experts.

Kieran Hannon, CMO of Belkin International, joined us to drop some serious knowledge in a special fireside chat with our CEO Jerry Jao. Marketing and e-commerce professionals from companies such as Gamefly, Hollar, Carbon 38, DASH, and TeleFlora sipped cocktails and enjoyed hors d’oeuvres as they listened in.

Kieran, who oversees three global brands at Belkin, shared valuable advice, stories, and insight on what the future holds for marketing in the digital space. He also shared his journey to success in becoming the CMO of Belkin, giving advice on careers and on growing as a marketer.

Check out some key highlights and advice from the fireside chat:

On what makes a good marketer:
In any professional career, it’s all about passion. Good marketers are curious, and constantly ask how things can be improved upon. Most importantly, the best marketers understand human behavior, because of how closely it’s tied to brand interaction.

Never be afraid to take on new opportunities. Good marketers take advantage of opportunities and turn them into monetization.

On marketing with a tight budget:
You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. If your budget is tight, your strategy needs to be as focused as possible.

To do this, learn how to connect with your users. Figure out what is most meaningful to your users, and focus your marketing on those channels. Provide value to and educate your customers to drive the best results.

On what it takes to become a CMO:
Technical skills are important, but the key to success is figuring out what problems need solving, what questions need answering, and then taking action accordingly — even before you’re asked to do so.

People are the front and center of any business, so cater to them. If you can build momentum by delivering what people want, they’ll start coming back to you for more.

How to get ahead in your career:
Never make a career decision based solely on compensation. What you learn from a company willing to cut you that ridiculously high paycheck won’t be worth much if that company goes under. Take jobs for experiences and the lessons you’ll think you’ll learn from them.

Often, people get hung up on trying to climb that vertical career ladder. Instead, think of your career as a tree, and explore different branches as they come in reach. It will give you a stronger foundation on a wider variety of skills, and you might just stumble onto your next passion.

The night was a great success, with plenty of good food, great company, and even better conversation. Attendees left the event with deep insights and some fantastic giveaways, courtesy of Belkin, Dollar Shave Club, and FabFitFun. We hope to see you at our next event!