Marketer’s Guide: Top Picks for the 2015 Bronto Summit

The Bronto Summit starts next Monday, and we’re so excited to participate – in Miami, no less! Our partners at Bronto have put together a jam-packed four days of speakers, workshops, and keynotes that will engage and inspire. We had a hard time not picking every session to highlight, but here are our top don’t-miss picks:

Monday, March 2

All Day –

Training Bronto Marketing Platform Power Training Series

If you’re not signed up for this series, why aren’t you? This is the chance to learn how to get the most out of the Bronto platform, taught by the experts who builtthe platform. It’s practically a gift-wrapped box of cheat codes – don’t let it go to waste!

Tuesday, March 3

9:10am – Keynote

The Brave New World of Commerce Marketing

Bronto CEO Joe Colopy will help pause and reflect on the ever-changing landscape of Commerce Marketing. Review what’s been happening, plan for what’s ahead, and take a moment to let it all sink in.

1:00pm Develop a Total Commerce Experience for Customers Across All Touchpoints

Consistency is key for consumers, and creating a cohesive experience for customers across all channels will make a marked difference in engagement. The first step to figuring out an effective strategy is by getting to know the customer, and understanding the motives behind customer behavior. Learn the five components that go into effectively building a “total commerce experience” to get the most from your customers.


Selling More With Social – Seriously

We’ve covered the importance of social commerce several times on this blog – it’s now time to put it to the test. This session will cover how to go past the basics of “being social” and dive deeper into how to leverage social media to maximize conversions, minimize shopping cart abandonment, and engage customers to lead to more sales.

Wednesday, March 4

10:00am – Keynote

Keynote: Convergence of Marketing and Commerce: Lessons from the Front Lines of Omnichannel

Bronto’s program details put it best by defining the priorities of omnichannel in a single sentence: “Today’s connected consumers expect a consistent and seamless experience with a brand, regardless of the device or context in which they engage with it.” Attend this keynote session to listen in on how the demand for omnichannel by these connected consumers requires excellence from marketers – and how to step up accordingly.


Same Customers, New Business: Defining and Optimizing for Lifetime Value

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Customer Lifetime Value is essential to getting the most from your valuable repeat customers. Join this session to learn what kind of actionable insights you get from calculating CLV, and explore tactics that others have taken – some that have worked, some that didn’t, and what can be learned from each category.


Night in White

We can’t resist plugging this event – because it’s ours! Join our team from Retention Science for what’s going to be the hottest night in South Beach. Sink your toes in the sand, unwind after the insight-heavy sessions, and enjoy your final night in Miami. There will be games, drinks, and lots of dancing – you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Thursday, March 5

9:45am – Keynote

What Retailers Need to Know About the Convergence of Content and Commerce

Content plays such a central role in engagement: good, relevant content helps elevate the customer experience to new heights. Sit in on this keynote session to hear about how content is now shaping commerce – and what marketers need to do to use it to their full advantage.


Let’s Get Personal: Leveraging Behavior and Purchase Data to Drive Results is known as the go-to store for unique and beautiful items in the United Kingdom. Learn from their incredible growth story: NOTHS increased revenue by 93% year-over-year by personalizing their messaging based on their customers’ behavioral and purchase data. Listen in on what steps NOTHS took to keep their customers coming back.

As proud partners with Bronto and a sponsor of the Bronto Summit, we’re excited for this event; we hope you are, too. Come visit us – look for the Retention Science logo – and chat with us to learn more about how a 1:1, personalized experience for your customers based on data-driven insights will lift your marketing to new heights.