Move aside, Sheep/Goat – 2015 is the Year of Mobile

Happy Lunar New Year! While there’s been some debate on whether it’s the year of the Sheep or the Goat, we’re calling it as irrelevant: in our book, it’s definitely the year of mobile. 58% of American adults have a smartphone and that number is sure to keep growing. What’s more, a new study by Paypal released on Wednesday shows that mobile commerce is growing at three times the rate of eCommerce.

Brands are responding, and quickly — here are a few companies that have made big splashes in mobile news in just the past week:


If any company is ready for a big change, it’s Yahoo. The struggling Internet giant just unveiled a new mobile developer suite at their very first developer’s conference. The suite of tools will help Yahoo create a network of third-party apps that will distribute its ads. Not only is Yahoo going mobile, it’s helping more developers make mobile a better experience. Yahoo even offers developers the ability to implement in-app search, making the mobile app experience pretty much seamless. Investors gave Yahoo a bump following the announcement, which is just more proof that prioritizing mobile is the way to go.



The incredibly popular pop culture content aggregator and journalism website just made the timelyacquisition of GoPop, a popular GIF generator app, to join Buzzfeed’s mobile development team. While GIFs aren’t anything new, GoPop’s app for creating simple animations resonates with the way millennials communicate visually. As Buzzfeed continues to grow as the go-to news source for millennials, the focus creating a strong and recognizable mobile brand is a great move for the media company.



Perhaps one of the most exciting news for mobile users comes from Google. For Google, mobile for 2015 isn’t just about serving more ads. The focus is all on the user experience. Content is the priority in the latest iteration of mobile search. Google is steadily rolling out search results wherepublisher content will be at the top on a scrolling carousel.

Search for “Greece” and get results that include the latest articles about the bailout. Doing a search for a website, topic, or product will bring up the latest news. This effort to make Google search more relevant and compelling is another step closer to giving users informative content when needed, even before people even know they want it.

If this week’s activity is any indication, 2015 is going to be all about mobile. Companies are putting the back-end development in place, and consumers are clearly ready to hit the ground running. That leaves marketers — are you ready for the year of mobile?

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