New and improved product recommendation algorithm!

Here at ReSci, we’re constantly innovating while aspiring to our mission: making artificial intelligence accessible and usable to brands. Our data scientists have created a new machine learning algorithm that advances ReSci’s powerful recommendation models in your marketing campaigns. The update significantly improves our product recommendation accuracy and coverage to create a better personalized experience for your customers.

Product recommendation engines are based on data points like purchase history, user behavior, and product affinity. It recommends products based on correlating data points of other users. A simple way of thinking of this is Users who bought this also bought this OR users who viewed this also viewed this. 


How our algorithm recommends products.


In our updated algorithm, it factors in more data points that do not exclusively relate to each other to find “hidden” correlations and relationships between items that users may not have ever viewed or purchased.


Using the previous example, here’s how the updated model can recommend products that users may not have ever viewed or purchased.


Simply put, our new algorithm can provide product recommendations that provide more coverage, with more accuracy to individual users when compared to other platforms. This is one of the many ways our new algorithm provides improved recommendations.


For our clients this means:

Improved and more powerful “Similar to Viewed/Purchased Products”, providing better predictive accuracy and product coverage

Reduction or elimination of coverage issues when using item targeting in Cortex campaigns (ensures our algorithms will find enough recommendations even after filters have been applied)

If you’re already a client, there’s nothing you need to do as the improvements have already been applied to your models. If you would like to learn more about what this update means to you and how it works, contact your Client Success Manager or


Not a client? Want to know more about our AI powered platform and how it can help you reach your marketing goals? Schedule a time to see it in action!


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