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Achieving 1:1 Personalization with A.I.-Supported Segmentation

Chances are you’re familiar with the term 1:1 personalization. There’s urgency behind delivering this kind of customer experience because it’s a key way to remain competitive, attract new customers, and keep current customers engaged. 

No doubt you have already taken steps to personalize your marketing to make it more relevant and engaging for your customers, but you may be wondering how the customer experience you’re delivering measures up to that of leading brands. 

We’ll cover the basics of 1:1 personalization and A.I.-supported email segmentation, explain the importance of both, and also highlight some of the key considerations and steps you will want to take as you level up your personalization. 

What is 1:1 Personalization?

1:1 personalization describes how marketers provide a digital customer experience that is uniquely tailored and optimized for each customer, based on available first-party and third-party data sources. Check out this article for detailed insights behind the need for 1:1 personalization and how advanced segmentation strategies play a role.

What is A.I.-Supported Segmentation?

A.I.-supported segmentation is the key to 1:1 personalization. It allows marketers to surpass the frustrations and problems with manual segmentation and begin speaking directly to individual customers rather than groups of customers. 

Instead of simply grouping email subscribers using a set of conditions, like location or how recently they’ve clicked on an email, advanced marketing automation solutions like ReSci dynamically create segments so you don’t have to keep updating or creating lists. This gives you more time to work on strategy and creative development.

Are you using your email segments to optimize your social media and advertising campaigns? With advanced segmentation, you can use your segments to create Facebook Custom Audiences and targeted lookalike audiences to better reach your customers.

Achieving 1:1 Personalization

Superb personalization starts with customer data. You will want to take stock of all of your first-party and third-party customer data and ensure that it is properly structured, stored, and accessible within a Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

A CDP collects customer data from a variety of touchpoints. It also structures and organizes real-time data to create individual, centralized customer profiles. Leading email marketing platforms also serve as a CDP.

1:1 personalization involves harnessing the most relevant data and using it to drive all of your campaigns. Gleaning insights from this data is also important so that you can apply them to marketing strategies.

What Is the Best Platform for 1:1 Email Marketing?

In order to assess email marketing platforms, it’s important to understand the major changes this technology has undergone in a relatively short period of time. See the diagram below for a better understanding of the capabilities available to marketers today. 

Timeline evolution of marketing technology

Current market conditions are requiring much more sophisticated, data-driven marketing capabilities, and marketers are embracing the technology and techniques that bring them closer to delivering the 1:1 personalization that customers expect.

The leading marketing automation platforms are A.I.-enabled. They are also able to pull purchase and other data from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and other ecommerce platforms, allowing the machine learning and A.I. to process rich, deep sets of meaningful data and drive better results. 

Keeping Engagement High With 1:1 Personalization

1:1 personalization is no longer a “nice to have.” Customers will continue to gravitate towards and stay engaged with brands that speak to their unique tastes and interests. Advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities allow you to have a much richer relationship with your customers. By using the latest technology and techniques you are eliminating waste, becoming more precise with your targeting and messaging, and gleaning important insights along the way.


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