lunya podcast part1

Podcast: LUNYA – Part 1 – Reinventing the sleepwear market

Our latest sponsored podcast is with Lunya—a premium sleepwear brand for the modern woman—with founder, Ashley Merrill.

Ashley never intended to start a fashion company—at least originally. She wondered with sleep being so important to our health & well being, why sleepwear has not evolved to meet the needs of the modern woman in terms of design, quality, functionality and in the fabrics used. From there the idea for Lunya was born.

Her challenge was that she didn’t know anything about clothing design or production. However, she did have a vision and a goal. She wanted to create sleepwear that looked great and functional. She wanted to reach consumers who really cared about wellness because as she saw it, wellness is like the food pyramid with sleep as the foundation.


In this Lunya podcast you’ll hear about:

  • How fear almost stopped her from starting the business. 
  • Why she didn’t start with a business plan. 
  • How she used surveys and feedback to design her collections. 
  • How she dealt with production problems
  • Why creating a great culture is so difficult to find and maintain
  • How she deals with stress by being present
  • What entrepreneurship means to her
  • How she deals with growing Lunya and having a family.


Listen to the full podcast below.

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