Retention Science Partners with Tealium to Provide Intelligent Retention Marketing Solutions

Retention Science improves data collection efficiency and campaign recommendations for e-commerce businesses with new technology partner, Tealium.


Embedding page tags is an easy way to track all of user browsing activities on a website. Data and insight services such as Google Analytics utilize tags to deliver data (i.e. page views, referrers, etc) to its users. Tags are also essential in online marketing and they’re used in several Internet marketing efforts and strategies such as ad retargeting, conversion and affiliate tracking, as well as advanced customer insights.

At Retention Science, tags are used to gather data and help e-Commerce businesses create individually-tailored retention marketing campaigns. And while the company can track behavioral data on its own, this partnership with Tealium will enable even easier tracking and less implementation effort for their clients. With Tealium DataCloud, Retention Science can get a raw stream of all digital data including visitor-level information, which can be imported directly into the Customer Profiling Engine. This adds yet another valuable data source to Retention Science’s wide catalogue of sources.

Being able to access data through Tealium will enable Retention Science to further develop the precision of their predictive algorithms so they can provide more powerful recommendations to their E-commerce clients. “This is a great add-on to the dozens of data sources that Retention Science currently has”, said data scientist, Chris Gore. “The insights derived from these tags will help increase our prediction accuracy when it comes to recommending how and when businesses should re-engage their existing customers to maximize conversion.”


Numerous E-Commerce companies already benefit from Retention Science’s tools and recommendations that allow them to create targeted campaigns and personalized deals for each of their customers. These tailored offers have been proven to not only increase sales but also boost customer lifetime value at the same time. Thanks to this new partnership, Retention Science has access to even more data, which means that they’ll be able to further enrich their algorithms, provide more accurate predictions and ultimately increase conversions and customer retention rates for their E-Commerce clients.


Big Data has become more than just a big buzz word in the E-Commerce realm. Thanks to sophisticated research companies and analytics software, businesses now have a ton of user information and metrics at their fingertips. However, making sense out of all that data and using it effectively is where the challenge really lies. Having pure data without a roadmap on how to use it can be overwhelming, confusing, and even paralyzing. These issues are evident whenever E-tailers misinterpret data and end up poorly implementing marketing campaigns (i.e. sending offers to the wrong people at the wrong time) or worse, not implementing anything at all (paralysis). Many online merchants are experiencing these issues, and that’s where Retention Science comes in. Its retention automation platform doesn’t just decipher the data; it delivers actionable recommendations based on the numbers, so businesses know exactly what they need to do to successfully get their marketing campaigns off the ground.

Further affirming the value of Retention Science to E-tailers, Ali Behnam, co-founder of Tealium, mentioned during e-Tail West that “Retention Science has a very interesting solution that many of our customers are asking for”. For Retention Science, being a technology partner is an exciting opportunity. “We look forward to growing with Tealium and sharing customer successes because of our partnership,” said CEO, Jerry Jao. Clearly a win-win for both companies, the Retention Science-Tealium partnership is certainly a very promising one that can help e-Commerce businesses take their retention marketing campaigns to the next level.