Let it rip – It’s OK to send too many emails during the holidays

Determining the right amount of emails to send is always a balancing act. You want product awareness and top-of-mind, but you don’t want email recipients to feel irritated by excessive communication. But we’re here to tell you that over-emailing is OK for the holiday season. People are much less likely to be annoyed by holiday emails than you might expect.


Approved for the holidays

When it comes to the holiday season, it’s better to send too many emails than too few. By not sending enough emails, you run the risk of missing out on enormous exposure and sales. In fact, emails can be credited with 24% of online holiday page visits. What’s more, consumers who make purchases through email generally spend 138% more money than their counterparts who did not receive promotional emails. On Black Friday alone, approximately 116.5 million emails were sent, and they paid off; it’s been predicted that Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s combined sales will be around $10 billion. Social media and other marketing platforms may be receiving increasing attention, but emailing still has an undeniably strong effect on sales and promotion.


Doing too much?

It’s even harder to over-email during the holidays. People know that it’s sales season, and they’re actively looking for emails that can point them in the direction of the big sale they’ve been waiting for. However, it is all centered on timing. The holiday season is the single best timing indicator for email marketing, but research has narrowed the perfect timing down even farther. It is suggested that mid-week mornings are the most effective time to email, as people are checking their emails before they begin their day.

Outside of holiday emails, a personalized experience is the key for converting more customers. Our data-driven marketing platform, Cortex, can boost your marketing with the power of AI.

Predictably, excessive emails are the number one reason why people unsubscribe from emailing services. However, 91 percent of consumers have reported having no problem with promotional emails, and 15 percent of email recipients say they wouldn’t mind getting an email every day. This of course depends on if your customers are receiving emails that are relevant to them.


A few quick pointers

-Plan ahead – This will save headaches down the line. Some of our most successful brands start planning as early August to ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks. Here’s our replay for The 3 Keys to Holiday Success to help you jump start your holiday marketing.

-Understand your competition – Know who you’re competing against as they might be sending multiple emails throughout the day. The idea is to land at the perfect time for your customers to open the email and convert, which brings us to…

-Consider emailing more than once a day – We have brands that email multiple times a day to catch different audiences. Remember, customers receiving mass amounts of promotional emails during the holidays so your emails will likely be lost in the mix. But there’s one simple thing you can do…

-Optimize your subject lines – You’re competing with several other brands, so make sure those subject lines stand out! Adding personalization tokens, and emojis have been shown to increase open rates. Also, don’t forget to use our Smart Subject Lines predictor and leverage our AI to find the most effective subject lines for your customers.

In short, there’s no need to dial back your emails during the holiday season—let it rip!


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