Sidetrack churn with Ready to Buy, At Risk, and Churned stages

We are frequently asked what type of content should be in these stages. With the proper strategy, these stages can maximize results with minimal effort and prevent what we all dread: customer churn.

Unfortunately, clients often underestimate or do not take advantage of these stages all together. At ReSci, we believe Ready To Buy, At Risk of Leaving, and Churned From Your Business deserve just as much attention and praise as other lifecycle marketing stages. 

It’s inevitable that some customers will churn from your business, but you do have some control of that outcome with Cortex. Customers on the path of churning will pass through these stages before they no longer do business with you. The goal in this post is how to effectively engage customers so you can redirect them from churning. We will explain what criteria makes users eligible for each stage, how users will move from one stage to the next, and give examples of what type of content is successful in each.


Ready To Buy

All users in the Ready to Buy stage have completed at least one or more purchases with your brand. The users in this stage are your most engaged subscribed users at the moment, and likely spending the most time and money with your brand. They continuously feed our AI models with information that they’re engaged and should remain in this stage based on their actions. These actions consist of and are not limited to, clicking on emails, opening emails, visiting the website and also by placing orders. Each individual user has their own engaged behavior. For example, if one individual user’s normal engaged behavior is to engage every 3 days, as long as they continue to engage with this normal behavior, they can stay in Ready to Buy indefinitely. 


Note: This stage can be a high firing one if a user stays in this stage indefinitely. If you have one or few templates in here, or if you want them to be a one-time touchpoint, remember to set the toggle to “send only once” button within the template’s advanced settings.

In advanced settings


What content should I put here?

We know these are your most engaged live users, that are not already purchasing, they sure are ready to. Show them products! Focus content around your bestsellers, trending items, what’s new, what customers are saying, etc. The strategy here is to keep them engaged with what we already know they’re interested with and gently push them towards a purchase.

Examples of Ready to Buy emails


Tip: One strategy is to call out a certain item to highlight like a best seller or a trending category. You can create item or category focused content, and segment your users in this stage according to their engagement with this item or category. 

Segmentation example


At Risk of Leaving

Let’s use the same example in the Ready to Buy stage where the user’s normal engagement behavior is 3 days. But now, they are engaging every 10-15 days over a period of time. This new behavior will flag the user as someone who is showing signs they may be churning, and will move them from the Ready to Buy stage and into At Risk of Leaving. Just like Ready to Buy, this stage also requires the user to have at least one order to qualify.

Note: Users are eligible for At Risk of Leaving emails for 14 days.


What content should I put here?

The idea here is to win them back and get them to engage with your emails and website again. If your brand uses incentives this could be a good opportunity to use them. If you have any press features, go ahead and showcase them here. You can also use what’s buzzing in your social media at the moment, highlighting the positive comments and reviews that other customers are leaving. 

Examples of At Risk of Leaving emails


Tip: Your subject lines and preview text can play a huge role here, so make sure they align with the content and that they are just as engaging. If you ever get stuck or want some inspiration, use our smart subject lines feature to leverage Cortex’s AI to help you come up with some ideas.


Churned From Your Business

Let’s use that same user again whose normal engaged behavior kept them in Ready to Buy until eventually moving to the At Risk of Leaving stage. That user did not take the proverbial carrot you dangled in front of them while in At Risk of Leaving, which now has placed them in the Churned From Your Business stage. Even though you gave them a sweet offer (that you beautifully called out in your subject line), this user hasn’t been back to your website and they haven’t opened your emails. You did all the right things–it’s not you, it’s them! 

Note: Users are eligible for Churned From Your Business emails for 14 days. 


What content should I put here?

Our data predicts there is an approximately 95% chance that users don’t purchase again once landing in this stage. It’s time to bring out the big guns and show them your most aggressive winback campaign. If you offered them an incentive in the At Risk stage, make it sweeter. If you didn’t offer an incentive, consider offering one now. This is your last chance to win them back before they go dormant. 

Examples of Churned From Your Business emails


Tip: If you’re short on resources, no need to sweat! You can always repurpose (clone) some existing templates from successful, recent Promo/Smart Blasts. Just make sure you update your subject line (you don’t want to seem spammy) and spruce up your template.



Now that you’re better acquainted with these three stages and how they work, we’re sure to be on the same page as to their importance towards the increased success of your overall email marketing strategy. Ready To Buy is where we make sure our engaged users remain engaged. At Risk of Leaving is where we figure out if our users are showing signs of going silent or if we can get them back to their “engaged state”. Finally, Churned From your Business is where we try to win back our users who are showing clear signs they will be leaving you soon. Addressing customers appropriately at each stage helps you retain customers and keep them returning to your brand.

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