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Drive Email ROI With Smart Subject Lines

We all get writer’s block from time to time, but getting hit right before that important email campaign is a big bummer. Well-written and catchy subject lines can be the difference between a hugely successful campaign and a stinker. So we’re incredibly excited to offer Smart Subject Lines, to help you overcome writer’s block and select subject lines that are proven winners.



Just type some phrases, and we’ll show you similar subject lines to what you’re typing. Even better, the subject line results will be specific to the stage you’re building an email for, like Cart Abandon, Price Drop, or At Risk of Leaving, and will also be scored for their past performance. It uses data science to help e-commerce brands discover new email subject lines that increase open and engagement rates. Smart Subject Lines are powered by activity gleaned from the 400 million emails sent from the platform every month.

You can see if a subject line is predicted to perform better or worse with the up and down arrows, and you can easily add a subject line to your email by clicking the “add” button.



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