April 2020 Product Announcements: SMS, Lead Capture, and More!

We have some exciting new features to announce going into the second quarter of 2020, and have much more coming later this year!

At ReSci, our mission is to make artificial intelligence accessible and usable for brands.

We constantly focus our product decisions on how to democratize AI for everyone. We started with a vision to build the first marketing platform that can make decisions on behalf of marketers, and over the years, have added many more ideas to make AI accessible for all.

We have recently added some features to ensure you can perform more of your marketing activities in the same place you are accessing predictions about your business.  Instead of having to do things in multiple platforms, you can now flight SMS campaigns and capture leads natively in Cortex, along with sending marketing emails, optimizing your ad targeting, and segmenting users and digesting predictive analytics. We have also added some enhancements to the workflows and tools that you are using on a day to day basis.


1. Introducing SMS for Cortex!

We are happy to announce native SMS for Cortex, allowing you to now send SMS messages to your customers directly from our platform. Cortex SMS features market-leading SMS subscriber list building functionality, including:

  1. Designer curated opt-in modals that can appear on any mobile or desktop page view
  2. Embeddable button code that enables brands to utilize proprietary or third-party opt-in modals
  3. Unlimited keyword opt-ins
  4. Robust Shopify integration enabling brands to send transactional messages such as abandoned checkout
  5. Best in class segmentation capabilities leveraging e-commerce, custom event and user profile data
  6. Full suite of campaign and automated drip messaging functionality
  7. Campaign and list building A/B testing

More info here.

If you would like to join the beta for SMS, please contact your Client Success Manager or help@retentionscience.com.


2. Introducing Lead Capture for Cortex!

We are happy to announce native Lead Capture for Cortex, now allowing you to build your own lead capture forms for your store or website directly in our platform. You will no longer need to connect another email capture tool to market to your new leads. Cortex Lead Capture features:

  1. Ability to personalize messaging based on what a user is looking at (for example if they are looking at a dress, you can say “Get 10% Off All Dresses”)
  2. Drag and Drop designer with pre-built templates: create multiple forms and deploy live immediately
  3. Target based on UTM parameters, referring sources, and different behavioral triggers (exit, scroll, timer, and much more)
  4. A/B and multivariate testing to find the best performing forms and designs for your users

More info here.

If you would like to join the beta for Lead Capture, please contact your Client Success Manager or help@retentionscience.com.


3. Introducing Google Sync for Google Audiences!

We are currently in beta with our new Google sync feature. You can now automatically sync your smart segments to Google Audiences, just like you do today with Facebook. Target ads more intelligently on Google’s network with our CFV, churn, and product affinity predictions and improve your ROAS!

Contact your Client Success Manager or help@retentionscience.com if you would like to be part of the beta.


4. New email blast reporting page + new reporting tabs

ICYMI, we launched a new blast reporting page back in February, and also split blasts and stages reporting into different tabs. You can now access what links were clicked, which product recommendations were clicked, how different domains are performing, and view recipient info for your Promo and Smart blasts.

We also heard you loud and clear and recently added back in a “totals” tab, so you can see your blast and stage data together on the same screen again.


5. Segment updates

You can now filter by predicted product preferences in your smart segments:

If you don’t have access to predicted product preferences, which generates all your users who have a predicted high affinity to your top performing products, reach out to your Client Success Manager or help@retentionscience.com to upgrade your account today!



You can now filter by custom attributes in your instant Welcome email with transactional rules, so you can split your Welcome emails to reach users based on your own custom attributes:



You can now filter by non-subscribed and unsubscribed users in your segmentation:



When you were searching for custom attributes in your segments, we were previously showing the raw field name, which wasn’t very useful. We now show the correct display name to make searching for your custom attributes much easier:


6. Improvements to our “Similar to viewed or purchased products” recommendation scheme

Our Data Science team is constantly tuning our models under the hood to ensure your predictions show improved performance over time. Our recent update found significant improvements in accuracy for the “Similar to viewed or purchased products” recommendation scheme, and we expect similar updates to be coming for other schemes this year. You can access this recommendation scheme along with others with our Recommendations API.


7. New campaign reporting API

You can now pull your campaign reporting metrics from our API. Connect your campaign data to your own database or two other analytics and CRM tools that you are using.


8. Other stuff you might have missed:


  1. Subscription preferences to allow your users to indicate their interests and contact preferences
  2. Smart Subject Lines to help you come up with more subject lines when creating emails
  3. Create and save custom rows in the drag and drop template builder
  4. You can now sync your smart segments to multiple Facebook ad accounts
  5. Pipe characters “|” are now supported in subject lines


What’s next?

And we have big features coming soon too! Over the next few months, you will see a brand new workflow / drip builder that embeds the artificial intelligence driven decision making behind Cortex, to give you more control over your user journeys. We will also be adding a visual email click map, more segmentation improvements, a few Data Science innovations, as well as new integrations in our Integration Center. We are very excited to roll out all this new functionality to all of you—updates coming soon!


About the author

Derek Kwan is COO and VP of Product for Retention Science. With 15+ years experience in marketing and ad tech, Derek previously led product innovation at Yahoo!. He also trains his game theory skills in his spare time as a poker player. Follow Derek on Linkedin.


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