Podcast: ReSci – How to be more relevant – Part 2

According to Gmail and other ISPs, the two most important things in email marketing are data and relevancy. But with an overwhelming amount of data to review and analyze, how are marketers able to better understand their customers, make smart decisions, and take action?

In this episode, Jerry Jao, Co-Founder & CEO of ReSci, shares how the ReSci email marketing platform is different from 99.99% of all email services in the market. We also learn how customer buying/browsing behavior has changed in the last 5-months, and how ReSci’s platform could help you be mindful and sensitive to customer behavior.


In part-2 of this podcast you’ll hear about:

  • Creating that Nordstrom shopping experience online
  • How COVID-19 changed customer behavior and how to address it
  • Aiming for the right storytelling through marketing
  • Why you should be kind to others and yourself
  • Why self-care is one of the most important things you could do
  • Which top brands use ReSci
  • How the platform can tell you 
    • Which customers will buy again
    • Customer’s lifetime value
    • Which sale items, back in stock or new arrival products each customer wants
    • What incentive will move them to buy

Listen to the full podcast below.


Apple Podcast link to Part 2

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