Announcing Subscription Preferences to help increase user engagement

Strengthen your relationships with your users by learning more about how they like to communicate.

Your marketing campaign should be a two-way conversation. Today we’re giving you a new way to engage with your users more meaningfully by letting them tailor email subscriptions to their personal interests and preferences.

Using Cortex’s new Subscriptions feature, you can recapture your users’ attention by offering flexibility in what kind of messaging they want to receive, and how often they want to hear from you.

More options for users, less work for you

Your users will now have three ways to personalize your email marketing campaign for themselves:

  • Your users can choose which emails they receive based on their customer journey. These subscription types are completely flexible and configurable: you can let users choose emails based on actions they take on your website (like searching for an item or putting it in a cart), or based on item triggers like new product arrivals or price drops.
  • Let your users tell you what themes or topics they want to read about. Assign subscription interests to emails to make sure that they only receive content they want to read about.
  • Give your users control over how often they want to receive your newsletters. Create frequency options for the number of days that Cortex will wait before they can receive another newsletter.


Use our built-in landing page editor to design a preference center that feels authentic to your brand. Include a link in each of your emails to let your users select their subscription preferences, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You won’t need to keep track of which list of users liked which kinds of emails, or remember if you’ve already met your newsletter quota for a given list of users for that month. Keep sending emails as usual, and Cortex will automatically make sure that your users only receive the content that they want—when they want.

Ready to get started?

The new Subscriptions page is live on Cortex. You’ll see this feature on your account in the upcoming weeks, and you can find more info in our helpdesk article. Don’t see it yet and need it sooner? Reach out to and we’ll be in touch.

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