Supersize customer engagement this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, which means for most Americans, it’s time to break out the bean dip and settle on the couch. Corporations spend around $4.5 million on a television spot during the game – Super Bowl Sunday is now considered one of the biggest days for advertising, period. As the most watched television event in America, it’s easy to see why. However, 50% of Super Bowl spectators were on their smartphonesat some point or the other during the game last year, and that number is only expected to rise. The dominance of the “second screen” means marketers now have opportunities beyond television to engage with customers. Take a page from top brands’ playbooks and how they engage with customers this weekend. Even if your product or service isn’t directly related to football, the buzz surrounding the day is a good way to kick up momentum for campaigns.

Set the tone

Who didn’t fall in love with the Budweiser puppy commercial this year? Puppies are extremely popular during the Super Bowl, especially with Animal Planet also promoting their game-day alternative Puppy Bowl. Uber started pre-gaming by offering offices in select cities the chance to play with puppies. On the other hand, Go Daddy’s attempt to parody the puppy commercial took a dark turn when the lost puppy ended up getting sold on a website. Planning to use photos or videos puppies to boost marketing efforts? Make sure it appeals to the emotions in a positive way.

Drive engagement

Mobile marketing is looking bigger than ever in 2015, and the Super Bowl is a good time to start campaigns. Advertisers aren’t afraid to use television ads to encourage more mobile use. T-Mobile’s Super Bowl spot featuring Kim Kardashian reminds customers that rollover data is the latest perk offered by the carrier. This ad can be the perfect opener for a social media campaign that can go on long after the game has ended. The possibilities around using rollover data to browse through a new app, a selfie or Instagram campaign, or connect with your brand through mobile interaction are endless.

Keep connected

Viewers using Web-connected smart TVs from Samsung, Roku, and LG will be prompted topurchase Katy Perry merchandise during the halftime performance. Pushing sales for the sake of forcing a promotion might not prove to be effective while viewers are distracted on game day, but marketers can drive the conversation after the game. Send promotions of fashion inspired by the performance, and continue to connect with your customers when they come back to the office on Monday ready to talk about football news and gossip. As much hype as there is surrounding Super Bowl Sunday, remember that for many viewers the “second screen” goes back to being their primary screen after the game. It’s a strategic move to build off the already-existing frenzy surrounding the Super Bowl, but remember to plan for the long game, not just for the day.