swym integration

Swym partners with ReSci – In-stock alerts and wishlists

Announcing our Swym integration

We’re excited to announce our Swym integration, apps that help you create your own shopping experience through wishlists, back-in-stock alerts, and triggered messaging. Swym integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. Visit their website for more information.

Our integration includes the In-Stock Alert app that allows customers to sign-up for product alerts on out-of-stock products, and automatically notifies them when those products are restocked.

We’re also working on integrating more of Swym’s apps: 

  • Wishlist+ enables customers to save products for later so they can continue their shopping journey when they are ready
  • Engage is a shopping assistance platform that keeps track of your customer shopping history that you can later use. 

We’re looking forward to working with Swym to roll-out all these features, and continuing our plan on extending our capabilities.

Integration Information

For information on how to set up the integration visit our help desk article for Swym. You can find Swym’s integration information here.


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