The power of giving back to the community

Yesterday, the Retention Science team took part in the gratifying experience of giving back to the local Los Angeles community. With over 13,700 homeless children in Los Angeles alone, local Santa Monica charity The Share Necessities partnered with the LAUSD school system to help children attend school with the supplies they need. Yesterday’s event, held in downtown Los Angeles, was the first of a planned series of charity drives to be held throughout the school year, where donated supplies are put together by volunteers into backpacks.

Over 750 backpacks for elementary and high school students were packed by volunteers, filled with school supplies to last half a school year. This event was important to our team, as we believe starting life with access to education is an important step towards building a brighter future, an opportunity all children deserve.


Retention Science Marketing Director Kelly Weiss (left) with The Share Necessities founder Arjuna O’Neal

Our company motto is “grateful,” and for good reason. We strive to remember to stay humble and give thanks for what we have as a company, as a team, and as individuals. We are lucky enough to have a reward-based work environment with sponsored lunches, team barbecues, and company trips away — this makes giving back to the community even more important for us as a team.


Part of the Retention Science team filling backpacks with supplies

Here is why we believe giving back is important to any business:

Boost team morale

Giving back to the community not only makes a positive impact to the lives of others, it also enables employees to have the fulfilling experience of giving back. Giving back boosts team morale and builds a collaborative and inspired team. Simply, it feels good to give back. People want to work for a company they are proud of and whose values they believe in. Volunteering and participating in community promotes a more happy, fun environment and motivated workforce – which in turn translates into increased productivity and a renewed vigor.

Build community relations

Well-known philanthropic business leader Richard Branson believes that business can balance making a difference in people’s lives with making a profit for the company. The happenings in our local community affect us all as both individuals and as a company. There are many opportunities to promote change locally and there is usually with an abundance of charities and organizations looking for assistance. Ignoring local issues only leaves you feeling isolated, whereas working together with the local community — whether it’s through donations, time or promotion — fosters positive relations and can make a faster impact due to greater numbers.

Retention Science’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Scott Schnaars states: “There have been many companies throughout history, but all great companies have held a strong belief in strengthening the local community. The Salesforce 1-1-1 program is a perfect example. The whole Retention Science family believes in the importance of giving back to the community and this is the first of many steps.”

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