The science of highly effective mobile marketing campaigns

In an age where 79% of consumers have their smartphone within arm’s reach 22 hours a day, customers are within a click away from buying a product at any time. This is great news for eCommerce marketers and businesses because it means that you now have more opportunities to convert your target audience… if you know how to do it right.

Below are some best practices on how to reach and convert mobile users:

Leverage Big Data in Your Mobile Commerce Campaigns

Since your eCommerce campaigns have been optimized for customer engagement, doesn’t it make sense to do the same for your mobile efforts? Mobile based commerce (mCommerce) sales are projected to reach $113.7 billion by 2017, according to EMarketer. The growing number of tablet-based technologies is changing how businesses and humans interact. And while eCommerce interactions will still largely be desktop-based over the next decade, integrating a more refined mobile strategy will allow you to expand your marketing past consumer’s desktops and in to the palm of their hand.

The sophistication of your marketing strategy can dictate just how well your mobile interactions succeed. For instance, leveraging big data to look into the buyer’s shopping habits, preferences and location can allow you to create individually based mobile campaigns.

Focus Your Mobile Efforts on Email Rather Than Social

While using social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are great buzz-producers, they contribute very little to actual sales. Mobile email campaigns have proven to be far more effective.

61% of all emails are opened on smartphones according to MovableInk’s mobile email report, which makes it imperative that your email campaigns are responsively designed for mobile devices. Otherwise, your readers are going to have a frustrating experience and most likely not purchase.

The delivery time of your campaign is also important. Even though consumers can easily access their phones round the clock, it’s necessary to optimize the timing of your email campaigns based on when they are most engaged and likely to buy.

Tailor Your Emails to Each Individual Customer

Every customer is unique, which is why businesses need to avoid sending one-size-fits all, batch and blast messages. To maximize your conversions, you have to get to know each individual shopper and work out their behaviors and preferences in order to send relevant and engaging messages. You can start by analyzing their demographic information, purchasing data, and interactions on all digital platforms, then consolidate that data to come up with personalized messages.

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Manually sending tailored, time-optimized emails to each customer is time consuming at best, and crazy impossible at worst. You need the help of a marketing automation platform like Retention Science to do the heavy lifting for you.

Retention Science uses data science to analyze your customer data and profile and predict their behavior. Our marketing platform automates engaging and relevant campaigns that are delivered in a perfectly timed manner. All you need to do is see the revenue generating results.

Contact Retention Science today and find out how we can optimize your email and mobile marketing campaigns.

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