Webinar: Capturing the modern customer using data and personalization

Customers have evolved, unresponsive to all tried-and-true marketing tactics currently being deployed. Email still dominates the marketing world, but with noisy, crowded inboxes, what really makes a difference? Recent studies have shown that personalized emails have increased open rates by an average of 14% and conversion rates by 10%. ReSci + FIGS hosted a webinar on how to capture the modern customer by:

  • Using customer data to create highly personalized emails that speak to your customers
  • Developing a data-oriented segmentation strategy that identifies high converting customers
  • Nurturing customers properly so they stay engaged with your brand, reducing churn

Our speakers

Wei Kuo, Senior Client Solutions Manager at ReSci

Wei works with some of the best commerce brands at ReSci. He helps brands become more successful by providing highly effective email marketing strategies for both SMB and enterprise clients. Wei worked at companies like Edmunds and Magento.

Alex Tshering, Vice President of Marketing at FIGS

Alex is the marketing guru behind FIGS, a premium scrubs provider transforming the healthcare experience by creating innovative, comfortable and supremely functional medical apparel for modern medical professionals. Alex brings his experience from working at agencies such as adQuadrant, BetaGiant, and Core Digital Media.


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