Webinar – Life without retail: How brands can adapt during COVID-19

Coronavirus has rocked the retail world, creating a global crisis, and altering how we operate for the foreseeable future. However, some have been resilient, being able to stay on course during the pandemic. 

ReSci and Garmentory—a marketplace for independent boutiques and emerging designers—shared successful strategies they deployed to weather the coronavirus storm, thoughts on the current environment, and the possible aftermath of COVID-19 on retailers. The webinar was held on Wednesday, May 20th to help brands get through this challenging time, including an interesting Q&A session. Safeguard your revenue by discovering:

  • What retailers observed about consumer behavior before and during COVID-19 pandemic, what’s actually changed, and other helpful insights.
  • Marketing strategies that have been effective during the pandemic, what may need to change, and adapting to current consumers needs. 
  • The future of retail after the pandemic, what may carry over or completely change, and what it all can teach us.


Our speakers

Savannah Krenzel, Sr. Software Engineer @ Garmentory

Savannah runs Garmentory’s customer retention and acquisition at Garmentory. As a senior leader of the team, she guides strategy and execution of initiatives helping Garmentory and their partners grow.

Clayton Porter, Client Success Manager @ ReSci

Clayton works with a variety of clients at ReSci, implementing marketing strategies to ensure our clients are successful. He brings his experience from working with top brands at digital media agencies.


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