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3 Simple Steps to a Winning Welcome Series

What could be more important than sparking a relationship with customers when they first subscribe to your email list? An automated welcome series of emails does so much more than make a good first impression. Welcome emails have a nearly 25% click rate and a click-to-open rate of almost 29%. Let’s dig right into the three simple steps you can take to create a winning welcome series.

Spark a Brand Relationship

How can you get a customer’s relationship with your brand off to a good start? Understand that your welcome series is a critical piece of your lifecycle marketing program, which supports the brand relationship. 

With competition for eyeballs and share of wallet being what it is, you will want to ensure that you have the best welcome series in place. It could be the difference between a customer having a brief interaction with your brand, never to be seen again, and a longstanding brand relationship that drives Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Advanced lifecycle marketing, supported by A.I.-enabled marketing automation applies predictive analytics and A.I. to a brand’s customer data in order to stay synced up with each customer as they move in and out of lifecycle stages. In this way, a brand can deliver personalized content to each customer, at every stage when, where, and how they interact. Do a quick survey of top brands in any category and you will see this type of highly personalized communication in action. 

What do you want that brand relationship to look like? What do you want your customers to say about your brand? Now zoom in and consider how you want to introduce your customers to your brand.

Cover the Basics of a Welcome Series

What are the essential elements of a winning welcome series? There are just a few, and you can be up and running with a quality welcome series by covering these bases. 

  • Immediately send a welcome newsletter. A quick reminder about why they signed up will reduce unsubscribes and the chance it will be marked as spam. An authentic “thank you” and “welcome” go a long way.
  • Let your customers know where they can engage with your company and other customers (e.g. social media, chat, forums, etc.). This helps customers feel connected to your brand, and it also builds community and nurtures advocacy. 
  • Send 3 to 4 emails within a three-day span.
  • Include 1 to 2 calls to action per email.
  • Include compelling offers.
  • Set expectations. Explain the types and frequency of emails they can expect to receive.

Engage Your Customers with Content and Creative 

What you say and how you say it is always going to be an important part of a good brand relationship. You will want to include a mix of informational, brand, and promotional messages in your welcome series. 

  • Talk about the team behind your brand and the mission, in order to foster an emotional connection with your brand.
  • Highlight your best-selling products, and give sneak peeks of products in development.
  • Keep it short. A good welcome email should be between 100 to 200 words.
  • Showcase your brand identity and personality.
  • Use “welcome” in the subject line for a higher click-through-rate (CTR).
  • Include a gift, discount, or exclusive offer.

Thinking about your welcome series in the context of a brand relationship helps frame your thinking and planning. It’s important to take this element of your lifecycle marketing program seriously and ensure that you are getting off on the right foot. Are you delivering highly personalized content and offers that are relevant, interesting, and engaging? Don’t forget to monitor the effectiveness of your welcome series, and use an advanced email marketing solution to automatically optimize content and offers for each of your customers.

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