We’re an official Magento Industry Partner

PRESS RELEASE Today, Retention Science announces the release of its Magento extension called the “Customer Profiling Engine”. Now available at the Magento Connect Marketplace, the extension enables online stores to increase customer re-engagement and sales by automating personalized retention campaigns for each customer. Consumers have varying preferences when it comes to the offers that they receive (i.e. some prefer 20% off while others appreciate free shipping).

In addition, every individual has timing preferences – some shop in the morning, while others are more active in the evening. There’s no “one right offer” that pleases every single customer at the same time. Retention Science addresses this problem by generating individually-tailored offers based on its predictive algorithms. Every offer is made to be “just right” for each customer and is delivered at the optimal time, thus maximizing the chances that the customer will convert. The Customer Profiling Engine does this by analyzing the store’s sales, on-site user behavior, product information, and other external data points to calculate the optimal time and frequency to re-engage customers.

Installing and Running the Extension

Installing the Magento extension is a breeze and merchants can easily integrate Retention Science’s Customer Profiling Engine into their stores. “Having built other e-Commerce platforms in the past, I know the pain of technology integration first hand,” said lead engineer Eric Sue, to emphasize the extension’s ease of use. “That’s why we’ve worked extra hard to guarantee a smooth installation and painless onboarding process”. To use the extension, merchants simply set up their content and offers. The Customer Profiling Engine will automatically optimize and deliver tailored offers to each customer.

Perfect Retention Marketing Solutions for Magento Users

“Magento customers include companies like Toms Shoes, Papyrus, and Warby Parker, and Retention Science is perfect for these companies because they have a wide variety of products and have many cross promotional opportunities,” said Jerry Jao, the company’s co-founder. He further mentioned that early users of their extension have seen as much as a 133% increase in sales and that the Customer Profiling Engine will help Magento users “more effectively engage their existing customers both on-site and off-site.” TO download our extension, please visit Magento Commerce here.