What not to miss at the Marketing Sherpa 2015 Email Summit

In just one week, Retention Science will be exhibiting at the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in sunny Las Vegas! It will be held at the swanky Aria convention center from Monday, February 22nd through Thursday the 26th, and it’s sure to be an amazing experience.

We’ve covered the importance of attending trade shows before, and the Email Summit is a must-attend for digital marketers looking to up their email marketing game. Breakout sessions, workshops, roundtables and more will keep you up to date on the latest techniques and solutions on reaching your customers and keeping them engaged.

This year, we’re excited to announce that our VP of Sales and Marketing Scott Schnaars will be leading the roundtable discussion on the dangers of batch-and-blast email tactics on Tuesday and Wednesday of the conference. Mark your calendars! While your calendars are open, we’ve put together a list of the top sessions that incorporate the top digital marketing trends of 2015: data-driven, personalized email messaging that elevates the customer journey.

Monday, February 23

5:00pm – Welcome Reception

Retention Science Booth, #103

The Welcome Reception may not be just at our booth (you caught us there!) but it’s definitely where the party will be. As you mingle during the networking reception, come visit us to test your Nerf sharpshooting skills and a chance to win some very cool prizes, including a $150 gift card to Target. We’ll have experts on site to talk about how understanding your customers is key to sending the right messaging – and the key to improving your company’s bottom line.

Tuesday, February 24

9:00am – Featured Speaker Session

Humanizing your email program: How to transcend the digital revolution by using the essential ability to communicate person-to-person

Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director of MECLABS Institute, will cover the four fundamental principles to effective communication, and how these principles can be applied to your email marketing to reach customers on a 1:1 level. You’ll learn how to get the most value from your company’s technology investments while keeping personal interaction top of mind.

12:00pm – Strategy Breakout Session

How to Keep Subscribers Engaged with Your Brand via Personalized Content

Personalized content is key to engaging customers, and CNET’s Diana Primeau will walk you through on how they did it. Their tactics boiled down to understanding their customer base – what kind of content they wanted, and how to keep them coming back for more. Hear about segmenting customers and how CNET analyzed user behavior to determine what kind of email to send next.

2:35pm – Roundtable

How to convince your company to change its spray and pray approach

Dive deep with Retention Science’s very own Scott Schnaars on why “spray and pray” (also known as batch-and-blast) email tactics just don’t work. Hear about concrete, real-world examples of how personalization in emails garner better results. Discuss how to get the rest of your company to finally see the light!

Wednesday, February 25

10:40am – Strategy Breakout Session

How to Leverage Email to Re-engage Customers as Part of an Omnichannel Strategy

Omnichannel marketing is all the rage, but remember that email marketing is still a key component. Learn how Dun & Bradstreet integrated email into their omnichannel marketing to create a seamless experience for their customers. This session will cover how an effective omnichannel strategy will drive more visitors and keep them engaged.

11:10am – Roundtable

How to convince your company to change its spray and pray approach

In case you miss the first roundtable session, you’re in luck – we’ll be holding another roundtable session on Wednesday.

3:35pm – Skills Breakout Session

How to Build a Relevant Customer Experience Using Data You Already Have

Hear about how the Microsoft Store’s email engagement campaigns used customer data to determine what content and type of emails worked best to keep them engaged. The customer journey can be broken down into lifecycles; this, in conjunction with the insights from past customer data can help you build a strategy that will elevate the customer’s experience.

The Marketing Sherpa Email Summit is going to be a pretty amazing experience. Remember to look for us at Booth #103 – we can’t wait to see you there!

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