Why all digital marketers should “think subscription”

Subscriptions like the old wine-of-the-month or fruit-of-the-month clubs used to seem like an indulgence for people with expendable income. But now, there’s a subscription service for pretty much everything. Dollar Shave Club makes getting new razors every month feel like Christmas. The Honest Company has transformed the way modern parents purchase diapers. Even wine-of-the-month style subscriptions are making a comeback with companies like Club W. Even traditional companies like Gillette and Sephora are coming out with subscription services. Not every marketer out there is working with subscription businesses, but it’s important to keep up to date with the hottest trends in e-commerce.

Today’s consumers can find a subscription for their every need. Here are some interesting subscriptions on the market now:

For the frequent flyer:  People who need easy access to a plane can get a monthly all-you-can-fly subscription to Rise if they need to access to the major areas in Texas; Beacon for the NorthEast; and SurfAir for jet-setting around California. It might seem expensive, but customers are saying just 3 flights a month makes the subscription worth the money.

For the case of the munchies: We’re currently loving our Naturebox office snacks. It’s not always easy to eat healthy, but getting these fun snacks in the mail instead of going out of the way to buy junk food can really make a difference. For those who want something less healthy, Mantry, a curated artisanal food box, offers meat and booze. Gourmet home cooks strapped for time will love Blue Apron’s highly curated, easy to assemble ingredients and recipes every week.

For grooming and beauty: Birchbox continues to be the leader for subscription beauty boxes, offering deluxe samples of a variety of high end beauty, skincare, and hair products every month for only $10. It’s not only for women either – Birchbox Man is a $20 subscription full of grooming products and a surprise full-size product every month. More makeup focused subscribers can opt in for Ipsy’s $10 monthly glam bags, curated by Youtube Beauty Guru Michelle Phan and her team.

Subscription continues to be a huge trend, and doesn’t seem to be peaking anytime soon. However, 72% of subscription customers fail to make a second purchase within 6 months. There’s still a ways to go in terms of maximizing ROI for subscription companies. To help marketers navigate the landscape, we’ve created a guide on how to make the most impact when it comes to marketing for subscription services. In this guide, we cover how to engage and retain subscription customers, how to prevent customer churn, and much more.