BURST’s Oral Care success story

How BURST helps customers pick the best oral care option

BURST is revolutionizing the oral care industry. Their sonic toothbrush is the highest rated toothbrush online by 15,000+ trusted dental professionals. Founded by Hamish Khayat and Brittany Stewart in 2017, BURST has amassed an incredible following, thanks in large part to their affordable, direct to consumer subscription model that delivers extraordinary oral care right to your front door.

After dramatically raising digital acquisition traffic with the help of MuteSix, BURST realized they needed to invest in retention, at scale. On a first purchase, customers struggled to choose between the BURST brush, that was only available for purchase on subscription, or strips or paste as a one-time purchase.

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Conversion rate for new low intent customers


Conversion rate for Subscriber Abandon


Return on Facebook ad spend

The ability to quickly experiment and deploy campaigns drove tremendous growth. Without Retention Science massive parts of our database would never get touched because we just don’t have the time to setup all the logic or guess which customers we should email everyday.

– Ashley Thompson, Marketing Director